Dominica congratulates Adicia Burton for becoming Miss Dominica 2023
Dominica congratulates Adicia Burton for becoming Miss Dominica 2023 || Picture Courtesy: GIS Dominica

Roseau, Dominica: The Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica congratulated the new Miss Dominica 2023, Adicia Burton. While congratulating the winner, GIS Dominica mentioned, “Congratulations Ms Dominica 2023 – Ms Adicia Burton.”

The contestant was supported by the Parliamentary Representative of the Roseau Central Constituency – Melissa Poponne-Skerrit. Through a social media post, she has shown her support towards the Queen contestant Adicia Burton.

While extending the support and asking the Dominicans to become cheerleaders for Burton, Melissa Skerrit shared a post on social media and stated, “Tonight is going to be fabulous. We are in full cheerleading and support mode for our gorgeous Queen contestant Adicia Burton! A Kalinago daughter of our soil and Roseau Central representative for the Kalingo Queen show, she is now competing to be Dominica’s Queen. A woman of our emerald waters and a daughter of our land. Her ancestral blood runs as deep as our valleys, and our praises will be as high as our mountains tonight! Come out to support your friends and family!! Adicia, we are with you! We are ready to beat the victory drums!”

Many people living in Dominica and around the world took to the comment section to congratulate the candidate for becoming Miss Dominica 2023 and winning the beauty pageant. Most of the users wrote congratulations, while one noted, “Congratulations! Ms Dominica. Well deserved. Very well judged. Consistency is the key…. You had that edge,” another stated, “GRAND BAY CONGRATS TO YOU AND YOUR TEAM. CARLTON, HELLO; GREAT JOB. HARD WORK PAYS OFF.”

Earlier, during an interview, Adicia Burton, who was contestant #3, hoped that through advocacy, she could raise awareness around the topic of reparations for Caribbean people with a focus on the Indigenous people of Dominica.

Adicia, who is a Kalinago woman, emphasized that she understood the role of colonizers and hoped that she could be part of a movement that demanded reparations for the Kalinago people.