Marigot Hospital in Dominica the ongoing project of MMCE

Marigot Hospital in Dominica the ongoing project of MMCE

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Regional: MMCE – Montreal Management Consultants Est. – MMCE is doing exceptional construction service in the Caribbean Region. Marigot Hospital, to be built in the Commonwealth of Dominica, is one of the significant projects of MMCE.

The formal agreement of the Marigot Hospital was signed in the year 2019 between MMCE and the government of Dominica.

The hospital is being built in a 40,000 square feet area. It is a two-floor hospital that would have the capacity of 75 beds, as well as a wide range of necessary services and the modern state-of-the-art facilities.

Service that would be provided in the Marigot Hospital are as follows-
Ambulatory Services,
Emergency Care,
Intensive Care (ICU),
Maternity and Paediatric Care,
Radiology Services and Trauma Centre.

The Citizenship by Investment – CBI programme would fund this project of Marigot Hospital. In addition, the US $5-million grant from the Government of Mexico would also is being used to support them in meeting the cost of equipping the hospital.

On completion of the hospital, it would serve the immediate health needs of the citizens residing in the Marigot Health District – which also includes communities of Marigot – Concord, Kalinago Territory, Wesley, Woodford Hill, Palm Tree, Calibishie, Bense and Anse D’ Mai, along with the Douglas-Charles Airport.

The government of Dominica earlier has pledged to built hospitals in every city of the island so as to provide efficient healthcare facilities to its citizens. This hospital would serve as a ray of hope for the people of the region.

MMCE would build 12 Health Centers across the island in locations which are – Vieille Case, Colihaut, Mahaut, Pineville, Wesley, Bellevue Chopin, Newtown, Marigot, Georgetown, Bagatelle, Ansé De Mai, and Soufriere.
These health centres would be community-based and patient-directed with an aim to deliver high-quality primary health care services to the people.

The Prime Minister of Dominica – Roosevelt Skerrit, earlier had announced that children till the age of 18 years and the senior citizens above the age of 60 would get free medical facilities.

Despite this, MMCE has done extraordinary work with the other projects, too, such as.
International Airport of Dominica
Various Housing projects such as – Bellevue Chopin, East Coast Housing Project, Georgetown Housing project, Cotton Hill Housing Project, Jimmie Housing Project, Grand Bay Housing Project, Roseau 1 Upper River Bank Housing Project and various others.
Community Centres in Dominica – Alexis E. Williams Multipurpose Center and the other would be named – Trafalgar Multipurpose Center.

MMCE remains committed to its work towards building the infrastructure sector of the Caribbean Region. While the other companies usually are not able to complete the projects in spite of taking money, to where MMCE team has shown their dedication and hard work with their exceptional work.

Despite MMCE, there are also many other companies who are working towards the development of the Caribbean Region, and one of them is the Range Developments. Range Developments has also undertaken many significant projects in the Caribbean Region, which includes- Range Developments’ flagship project, the ultra-luxury 5-star resort Park Hyatt in St.Kitts, and the Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski. MMCE has shown outstanding workmanship in uplifting and developing the Caribbean Region.