Man wearing thong instead of face mask asked to get out of United Airlines flight

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A 38-year-old passenger boarding a flight of United Airlines was asked to disembark the flight as he violated the COVID-19 health protocols by wearing a red thong instead of a mask. 

Adam Jenne, who boarded the flight from Fort Lauderdale airport, Broward County, Florida, the United States, was forced to get down before the take over of the flight. While talking to a media channel, Jenne cited that his motive was to show the ‘absurdity’ of the airlines forcing the passengers to wear masks. 

Jennne noted, in earlier flights, he had worn a thong telling the crew members that ‘it is a mask, doing its job‘. 

Video footage of the incident is also getting viral all over the internet, which was made by Jenne’s co-passenger. In the video, one of the flight attendant members is seen warning Jenne to remove the thong unless he would not be permitted to sit on the flight. After a while, the 38-year-old is seen leaving his seat. 

A statement has been issued by United Airlines on the incident appreciating their team member for doing the right thing, and states, “The customer clearly was not in compliance with the federal mask mandate, and we appreciate that our team addressed the issue on the ground prior to takeoff, avoiding any potential disruptions on the air“. 

Meanwhile, the website of the airlines clearly states that as per federal law, wearing a mask for passengers of 2 years and older is a mandate. Furthermore, the website provides the Vaccination and testing requirements and waiver for travel for nations of several continents. 

Individuals can look out for the COVID-19 travel restrictions at – 

In addition, more than 275,826,141 cases have been recorded worldwide of the COVID-19 virus, while over 53,60,875 individuals have lost their lives to the contagious mutant.