Cocaine costing for million dollar seize on board of Caribbean Airlines plane

Cocaine costing for million dollar seize on board of Caribbean Airlines plane

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At Miami International Airport, a major drug seizing was made on Tuesday, August 10th on-board the Caribbean Airlines Boeing 737-800. This flight landed in Miami after its take of from Piarco International Airport on the island of Trinidad.

This seizure was done while the flight was on its routine flight from Trinidad to Miami International Airport. The Caribbean Airlines Boeing 737-800 at 7:45 takeoff from Piarco International Airport in Trinidad for the airport of Miami. After the four-hour flight the plane arrive at Miami at 11:32 local time.

According to the reports, the seized cocaine on the aircraft was in the quantity of six-and-a-half kilograms. The media outlet reports that these seized drugs were found in the area of the baggage carrier. Simple Flying had investigated with the airline and the airport for further details and specifics.

The airlines said that the law enforcement department has been investigating the case but till now, the agency had not revealed the name of in-charge of the agency.

The aircraft working for the flight was recorded as 9Y-KIN, which is a nearly 21-year-old 737-800. On the day of the incident, the airplane reached 20 minutes ahead of schedule. It departed Miami late. The aircraft left from MIA almost an hour later its scheduled takeoff time. While aircraft could suffer delays for all kinds of reasons, the timing of that particular delay lines up with the discovery of narcotics.

According to Statistics, cocaine had a street price of $120 per gram in the United States in the year 2019. Therefore, the discovery would have an expected cost of $780,000.

Back in January this year, ₹68 crores ($9.28 million) worth of heroin was found during a search of two passengers travelling from Uganda. These travelers had hid the narcotics inside their checked bags, that was stored in 51 different pouches. These pouches were hidden in a hidden cavity of the checked-in bags, along with books. To date, this has been Delhi Airport’s largest-ever drug bust.