A man in Guyana was robbed and attacked.

Man in Guyana hospitalised following robbery and assault

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A man was attacked and robbed by criminals in Annandale, Guyana and was taken to the hospital for medical treatment due to the severe injuries he sustained.

The victim, who was brutally attacked by bandits in Annandale, South, East Coast Demerara (ECD) has been identified as a businessman. However, the residents of the area mistook him for a taxi driver.

The victim revealed his identity as Simon Wahid, a 45-year-old resident of Mon Repos, ECD and the proud owner of Simon and Sons Furniture and Upholstery Work. He shared the details of what happened on Wednesday morning with news channels.

He stated that he went to his friend’s locality to drop her. The moment he dropped her off at her house, he was brutally attacked by robbers.

The perpetrators didn’t just rob him, but also caused him severe bodily harm.

Wahid, while giving his official statement, he said that while he was dropping his friend at her house, her husband opened the gate to welcome her, so he reversed the vehicle into the street, which was very narrow and dark.

Wahid added that he was approaching the intersection, he slowed down to check if the vehicle was coming from any other side. That’s when the bandits on bicycles suddenly appeared and threw them in front of his vehicle, blocking his path. The bandits approached the driver’s side, smashed the window, and started demanding his wallet and phone.

The victim is still hospitalized at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation and he is suffering from severe wounds. While he was explaining the scenario, he explained how the criminals smashed his window and that his car got stuck in neutral because his hands accidentally jammed the gear lever. Therefore, he couldn’t drive away when he was getting attacked by the culprits.

The bandits kept attacking him; he said he tried to defend himself, but his right hand got severely injured and he started losing consciousness. Despite the victim not having a wallet, the bandits kept demanding that he give them his wallet.

He told them that he had two phones, they took one of them and left the other one. Then he went to the left side of the vehicle and he got the opportunity to run away. Unfortunately, because of his severe injuries, he couldn’t get far and fell. Then he got caught by the bandits who began attacking him once again. He tried to block their attacks with his right hand but the culprit chopped off his left hand and attacked his chest.

The bandits kept asking the victim to hand over the wallet or else they would kill him. In response, he said that his wallet was in his pocket and he got the chance to run away once again.

His wallet contained:

–         $140,000 cash

–         Important documents

–         Two cheques

The victim was injured so badly that he had to undergo surgery. He also stated that since the incident, none of the police officials have visited him to collect his statement.

A short while ago, a similar incident happened with Ryan Persaud, as he was also attacked and robbed by bandits. He is still suffering from a fractured skull.

It is suspected that the robbery and attack in both the cases was undertaken by the same people as both the incident occurred in Annandale.