Man found with Ganja in underwear at NA Prison

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Georgetown, Guyana: Safraaz Hossein, a 29-year-old man, was found with Ganja in underwear at New Amsterdam i.e. NA Prison on Tuesday, January 2, 2024.

It is to be noted that a man was identified to be from 1015 Kilcoy/ Chesney Settlement of Corentyne at Berbice. He was taken into custody for possessing 2 grams of marijuana in a parcel stashed in his underwear.

Notably, Hossein visited the jailhouse at about 10:30 hours to drop off the personal items for his brother, Sultun Hossein. Staff observed him acting in a weird manner.

Further to this, jail staff became suspicious, and they then did a search- and shockingly, they noticed the contraband in his underpants.

As soon as he was discovered with marijuana, police arrested him immediately and told him of the offence. It is to be added in the remarks of the police that Hossein is supposed to appear in court on January 3, 2024.

Meanwhile, Director of Prisons Nicklon Elliot lauded the officers for their alertness.

Moreover, this news has been shared by various pages through their official social media handle (Facebook). Many people took to their Facebook accounts to state their opinions and points of view regarding the matter.

While reacting to the news, one person named Yonnette Aussy George stated, “I hope he just pays a fine. It’s just a joint. He was not trafficking. Please give him a chance.”

Another person by the name of Judy Indach commented, “The devil is working. He came to steal, kill and destroy. Young men, you all need to go to church and hear the word of God. Not to prison, sorry for you.”

While reacting to the news, one user named Sorish Persaud wrote, “2 grams the man had and the man make daily news come on Elliot you known how much of your jail staff juggling Ganja by the pound for prisoners pasting the front gate like exam and calling themselves smart criminal and still choose to hold a man with 2 grams please don’t let this man brother skin up what going on inside to daily news because you know that your jail staff will have nuff truth to cover beside that 2 grams is position of marijuana that is fine over 5 is trafficking of marijuana that is jail time I am not saying he is right it is an offense by breaking the law but I saying it has bigger problems to deal with marijuana pasting right there but they choose to sleep (blind eyes).”

Ana Allen
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