Guyana: Officers found 41 grams of marijuana in EBD

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Guyana: The Police officials of Guyana found a plastic bag containing 41 grams of marijuana in East Bank, Demerara.

Notably, the ranked officers from Regional Division 4B conducted a Cordon and search exercise between 9:30 and 10:30 hrs on Wednesday, 27 December, 2023. The search was made at the premises of a 26-year-old man of Royston Avenue, Sarah, East Bank Demerara.

During the search, the authorities found a Bakewell plastic bag. On searching the bag, the personnel found a quantity of leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be Cannabis on a shelf in the kitchen area of the suspect’s home.

Moreover, the suspect was told of the offence committed by the suspect and gave him a warning. However, the suspect while denying said that “I am not the owner of these drugs, these narcotics belonged to his brother.”

It is to be noted that the suspect was apprehended and was taken to the Timehri Police Station for the said crime and he was placed into the custody.

Further, the suspect weighed the narcotics and it almost weighed equals to 41 grams. The investigation into the matter is ongoing.

The residents of Guyana expressed their sentiments into the matter stating that “Let the guy go, these police officers should go and look for bandits who are shooting and robbing people.” While another comment read as “To all the hustler, be more careful. Stay safe and wise, think ten steps ahead of these weed police, they may be sniffing.”

Furthermore, one more case was witnessed in East Coast, Demerara when the officials arrested a 38-year-old, Phillip Morgan, an unemployed resident of Friendship, East Coast Demerara on 24 December 2023. The ranked officers of Vigilance Police Station proved the suspect guilty on the charge of possessing Narcotics with the purpose of trafficking.

On weighing the narcotics, it almost weighed equals to 119 grams of cannabis. The defendant was also taken to the Cove and John Magistrate Court where the charge was read to him. The man was pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment and $10,000 fine.

This case also received many comments of the residents of Guyana. One of the comments read as “Why the Police keep doing all this to small man. Go and look for the gunman and bad boys. “

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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