Man fled after dropping creepy weed at Charity Waterfront in Guyana. Picture Credits: Fb account

Man flees after dropping Creepy weed in Guyana

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The officers of the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit conducted a charity operation at Charity Waterfront, Essequibo Coast, Guyana on Wednesday, 15th November 2023.

During the operation, they observed a man who was acting suspiciously with the bag within the vicinity.

As soon as the officers received the information, they responded to the matter by reaching the area. The suspect fled towards the Pomeroon River and managed to escape from the officials in a speedboat. He onto a boat that was proceeding towards the northern direction.

The officials made a search of the vicinity and found several bulky parcels of suspected cannabis.

The officials transported the suspected cannabis to CANU Headquarters. The cannabis was tested and discovered as a “Creepy Weed”. The total weight of cannabis that was found was approximately 9.6 kg.

Moreover, the officials have not received any details or information about the man who fled after dropping Creepy Weed at Charity Waterfront after seeing CANU ranks.

Investigations are still ongoing and the officials are trying to find the accused.

The smuggling or possession of Cannabis is not new in Guyana, as there are several instances of such cases that have been witnessed by the officials of Guyana.

Just a month back, a man named Teron Cameron got apprehended for smuggling drugs to his friends. He tried to smuggle the drug by packing it under his slippers, but he was caught by the officials of the prison. On his checking, they found:

– Few quantities of seeds

– Stems of cannabis

– Some leaves of cannabis 

Not only this, a tattoo artist was also arrested in the same month for the possession of Marijuana. It was noted that the accused, Nicholas Samaroo, was standing at a distance of five feet from the officials. He was caught throwing a pink plastic bag into bushes.

On searching the bag in front of Samaroo, the officials found:

– A quality of seeds

– Few quantities of stems

– Few quantities of leaves which were suspected to be cannabis.

On weighing the cannabis, it amounted to four hundred and thirty-six grams of cannabis.

Such cases shed light on the need to eradicate the trafficking and sale of drugs because they can be dangerous for the youth and can keep them from having a bright future.