Kirani James (R), during the Xiamen Diamond League 2023 on Saturday ( 2 September 2023) Photo Courtesy Facebook.

Grenada’s Kirani James strikes gold at Xiamen Diamond League 2023

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Kirani James from Grenada bagged the first position at the Xiamen Diamond League 2023. He secured a gold medal by completing the sprint in only 44.38 seconds, which is regarded as this season’s best record.

James stood first in the 400m, narrowly leaving behind USA’s Quincy Hall on Saturday. Rusheen McDonald from Jamaica finished the game third with a timing of 44.82 seconds.

“I just tried to perform, tried to complete, a lot of the 400-metre guys are great finishers. To be able to take the line is a great feeling,” said Kirani James while speaking to the media right after finishing the race in China on Saturday. 

Kirani James speaks about the Budapest disqualification

Earlier in August, the Grenadian sprinter was disqualified at the World Athletics Championships held in Budapest for lane infringement. 

He also spoke about his disqualification at Xiamen Diamond League 2023, saying that “these things happen, you have to learn from it and start to get better; I think I did a lot better here,”. 

No more plans for this season

During the media interactions in Xiamen, China, after his victory, the Olympic athlete said that he is not sure about any other plans for the coming season but continues to plan to do better in future games.

A Birthday Gift

Kirani James, who won the 400 m at the World Championships in 2011 and the 2012 London Olympics, just turned 31 years old on 1 September. This amazing victory is regarded as an exceptional birthday gift by James to himself and his country. 

Social Media flooded with happiness

People from Grenada flooded social media platforms to display affection and happiness for their athletes. Kirani James’ victory at the Xiamen Diamond League 2023 shined Grenada’s name once again on an international platform. 

Premier of Nevis, Mark Brantley, who is married to a Grenadian, also lauded the country’s victory at the Games. 

“Well, I live with a Grenadian, so I am claiming Kirani James too!! Congratulations to all of Spice,” wrote Brantley with a video clip of Kirani James claiming victory at the games. 

Many other people also expressed happiness for this victory and expressed their views on social media. 

“Kirani Zeno James 44.38, Awesome birthday gift to yourself! The gear shifter with the Jaguar power! Greatness. The most decorated 400M athlete,” wrote a user on Facebook.