Grenada: Work continues towards enhanced greenspace along with Kirani James Boulevard
Grenada: Work continues towards enhanced greenspace along with Kirani James Boulevard || Picture Courtesy: Ministry
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St George’s, Grenada: Ministry of Mobilisation, Implementation, and Transformation of Grenada has recently shared an update regarding the continuation of construction work along with the Kirani James Boulevard. According to the update by the Ministry, the project has been carried out to enhance the greenspace, contributing towards the beautification and cleanup.

The Mobilisation Ministry has informed that the work has been carried out under the ‘Visible Transformation Project,’ led by the government of Grenada and the Minister of Mobilisation, Implementation and Transformation.

The update regarding the same was shared by the ministry through its official handle. It noted, “Under the Visible Transformation Project, cleanup and beautification activities have garnered the support of all stakeholders and have been welcomed by residents of the areas and passersby alike.”

Furthermore, it shared the latest update about the project and highlighted that Saturday, 25th March 2023, saw the removal of structures at River Road and within the Kirani James Boulevard area.

It also mentioned that the conclusion of the pre-beautification cleanup at Kirani James Boulevard has allowed work to commence towards a further enhanced greenspace.

The Ministry also emphasised that the citizens can look forward to the installation of a new Kirani James Boulevard sign, the planting of additional trees and the construction of a community gazebo along with three vendor booths, to include a new Soup Master Hut, with connections for running water, additional outdoor seating, and access to toilet facilities.

In addition to this, the ministry of mobilisation has also noted that plans are also underway for the reconstruction of boardwalks and the construction of a dock for small boats in that area.

While assuring the continuous work towards the upliftment and growth of the country and its citizens, the ministry stated that MIT remains committed to transforming the visual appearance of Grenada by safeguarding and enhancing the natural environment for the benefit and enjoyment of all people.