King Charles makes first public appearance at Windsor Castle Easter service since cancer diagnosis

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King Charles III has been away from the eyes of the public since his cancer diagnosis was announced last month but made it a point to attend the Easter Service at the Royal Family’s Windsor Castle on Sunday.

King Charles was seen shaking hands and conversing with the public following the service, as he made his way out of St George’s Chapel. He spent roughly five minutes with the crowd which was waving get well soon cards at him and greeted him warmly on a relatively cold day.


He thanked them for their support and said that they were very brave to have stood out in the cold to greet him.

The crowd continued to encourage their 75-year-old King as he walked by them with Queen Camilla. This appearance by King Charles is being seen as an important step taken by him to reassure his people after he went on a sabbatical in February, when the Buckingham Palace announced that he was undergoing treatment for cancer.

Even though King Charles has been out of the public eye since this announcement, he has continued to fulfil his responsibilities by reviewing important documents and maintaining contact with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

His presence at the Easter service is being received as a sign of his return to public life and that he will be able to carry out his duties sufficiently despite his illness. This was confirmed by British media outlets which have reported that King Charles will play a more active role with regards to his public engagements following Easter.

King Charles III and Queen Camilla at St George’s Chapel in Windsor. (Credits: Tatler, Facebook)
King Charles III and Queen Camilla at St George’s Chapel in Windsor. (Credits: Tatler, Facebook)

The Princess of Wales has also been receiving treatment for cancer which meant that the Easter service this year was smaller than usual. As a result of this, Prince William, Princess Kate and their children were not a part of the Easter service.

Kate underwent abdominal surgery in February which gave fuel to speculations about her health before it was announced in the 22nd of March that she too is suffering from cancer, much like her father-in-law.

Prince Williams and Princess Kate during the Easter celebrations. (Credits: Sally Bedell Smith, Facebook)
Prince Williams and Princess Kate during the Easter celebrations. (Credits: Sally Bedell Smith, Facebook)

Unfortunately, King Charles’ extensive plans to revamp the monarchy in his own image have been put on hold due to his health problems. Many of his subjects were looking forward to the fresh approach he promised, after having waited 74 long years to take over as the king.

One of the most monumental tasks that Charles faces after having taken over from his mother Queen Elizabeth II is showing the nation and the world that the Royal Family and its role remains relevant in modern times, as the monarchy remains one of the oldest such government establishments with 1000 years under its belt.

The King has been taking on the task of appealing to the youth of his nation and minorities that the monarchy is indeed capable of representing their interests in today’s times, regardless of its role in the past.

Jennie Bond, who is a long-time royal commentator, stated the following during a conversation with the BBC, “He knows that being seen by the public and having public goodwill is really what’s at the core of a successful monarchy. He needs to have that interaction and I think he quite enjoys it, actually.”

It has to be noted that even though the constitutional duties of the British Monarchy are mostly ceremonial, it is still one of the most important roles in the functioning of the nation as it is of great significance to the public and can be a tiring affair for the Royal Family all things considered.

The Royal Family, especially King Charles, is expected to be a part of multiple royal engagements, including processions in full royal regalia, meetings with political leaders, dedication ceremonies and events honouring accomplished British citizens.

During his first year, King Charles had 161 days of official royal engagements, not counting minor obligations. This has meant that King Charles has had a relatively busy schedule and the Buckingham Palace staff have tried very hard to keep him engaged with the public to the best of their abilities, considering the fact that he had to refrain from appearing in public due to the risk of infections during his treatment.

Having said that, videos of King Charles giving Prime Minister Rishi Sunak an audience and also reading get well soon cards have been released, which have shown his subjects that he remains a relevant part of the political apparatus of the United Kingdom despite his illness.

He is also said to have attended a session of the Privy Council, which brings together senior advisors for an assembly to discuss matters of great significance.

Having said that, King Charles did miss a pre-Easter service on Thursday, although he expressed his regret at missing an event which is traditionally graced by the presence of the monarch, via a pre-recorded audio message addressing the people of the United Kingdom.

The King has been making a concerted effort to assure the nation that he is fulfilling his role despite the difficulties he is facing and reiterated that he is not interested in being served but in serving his people.

He also added that he has always been dedicated to the people of his nation and will continue to work diligently for their benefit, for as long as he possibly can.

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