Jamaica police seizes 935 pounds of compressed ganja to be transported to Haiti

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Kingston, Jamaica: The Police authorities of St Catherine South has achieved a major landmark in the case of drug trafficking by seizing over 935 pounds of compressed ganja on Monday, January 17, 2022.

As per the reports of the police officials, at around 2 pm, the South St Catherine police officers were running an operation in the Planters district when they saw a car along a roadway. The police officers then checked the vehicle, after which compressed ganja was found by them.

Although, no person so far has been arrested. Meanwhile, the car and the compressed ganja is in the custody of the police officials of South St Catherine.

The investigation has already been commenced by the police authorities. Superintendent Hopton Nicholson, acting divisional commander for the St Catherine South, while interacting with the media, informed that this shipment was expected to be smuggled to Haiti. The Superintendent has called this shipment part of the illegal guns-for-drugs trade.

Superintendent Nicholson highlighted that “This is another mark in the illicit drugs-for-guns trade between Jamaica and Haiti, as the compressed ganja was prepared and being transported as part of this illegal trade”.

Following the statement, he added, “The St Catherine South would continue to pursue individuals involved in, and spaces used to conduct these illegal activities”.

The cases of drug trafficking in the Caribbean and Latin American region is quite frequent. It is found that the traffickers also export illegal ganja to the other countries of the Caribbean region in return to get illicit firearms.

Drug trafficking is among the transnational organised crimes that are impacting the tourism sector, economy and as well as growth of the island country.

Meanwhile, the crime rate in Jamaica is witnessing an uproar, which forced the government to impose a state of emergency & curfew in the hotspot regions of the criminal activities.


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