Haitian senator charged for murdering President Moise tried to bribe Jamaican police for release

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Kingston, Jamaica: Recently detained key suspect (John Joel Joseph) in the assassination case of Haitian President Jovenel Moise, tried to bribe the officers of the Jamaican Police Force, who arrested him.

When the police officers caught the suspect handing a bribe amount, Joseph was said to have offered a bribe of $2 million to law enforcers.

Joseph is a Haitian Senator who was detained on early Saturday morning in a St Elizabeth village in south-western Jamaica. As per the reports, the suspect paid a handsome amount to get into the border of Jamaica via sea route, along with his wife and children, after he escaped from Haiti.

It is believed that the Haitian Senator paid US$12,000 to enter Jamaica via boat, previous year in the month of December. He tried his best to escape and hide by changing his identity but eventually failed.

Joseph is among the three main key suspects in the assassination of former President Moise, who have been arrested so far. As per the local media reports, the Haitian Senator begged for his life from the Jamaican Police authorities, noting that he would be killed if he is taken back to his country. Several documents were also recovered from Joseph in the French language, which the police officials are currently investigating.

The National Police of Haiti (PNH), in July 2021, issued three wanted notices to catch the Haitian Senator. The Haitian lawmakers and the US Federal Bureau of Investigations were immediately informed about the new lead in the case. On the same day Joseph was detained, the Haitian authorities confirmed his identity.

Former President Jovenel Moise was killed at his residence on July 7, 2021, in which his wife Martine Moise also sustained injuries. Right after the incident, thousands of Haitians took the streets to protest, seeking justice for the former Haitian President.


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