Israeli strikes kill 22 in Rafah, US to provide $9 billion humanitarian aid to Gaza

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The Israeli strikes overnight on the southern Gaza city of Rafah killed 22 people, including 18 children. The United States prepares to provide billions of dollars in additional military aid to its close all, Israel.

The information has been officially shared by the Ministry of Health on Sunday. The reports revealed that Israel conducted daily air raids on Rafah, where more than half of Gaza’s population took refuge.

It is to be noted that the House of Representatives has approved $26 billion aid for Gaza in Saturday. It includes around $9 billion humanitarian assistance for Gaza, as the nation is experiencing severe conditions of famine.

According to the information, Israel has received many international calls to restrain its strikes however, the nation pledged to expand its ground offensive to the city on the border with Egypt against the Hamas militant group.

The Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that they are expanding their forces in order to bring back their hostages.

“In the forthcoming days, we will increase our political and military pressure on Hamas because this is the only way to get our hostages back and make history. We will inflict even more painful blows on Hamas”, said PM Netanyahu.

Furthermore, the bodies of the deceased were taken to Kuwaiti Hospital. The doctors of the hospital added that the first airstrike claimed that lives of two persons, including a man, his wife and their 3-year-old child.

Noting this, they said that the woman was pregnant and after all the efforts, they managed to save the baby. While, the second strike killed 17 children and two women.

The relatives of the deceased were filled with anger and frustration and questioned the perpetrators on why their families were harmed.

“These children were sleeping. What did they do? What was their fault? Asked one relation, named as Umm Kareem.

“The oldest killed, an 80-year-old aunt, was taken out “in pieces.” Small children were zipped into body bags”, asked another relative, Umm Mohammad.

According to the local health officials, the Israel-Hamas conflict resulted in the deaths of approximately 34,000 Palestinians, including two-thirds of children and women.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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