Israel-Hamas War: Saudi’s diplomat backs two-state solution deal 

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Prince Faisal bin Farhan, a Saudi Arabia diplomat, rejected the plea to normalize relations with Israel or contribute to Gaza’s reconstruction without a credible pathway to a Palestinian state.

Before the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, 2023, that sparked the war, the US was attempting to broker a landmark agreement under which Saudi Arabia would normalize its relations with Israel in exchange for the following,

– Assistance in establishing a civilian nuclear programme in the kingdom

– US security guarantees

– Progress towards resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Notably, Prince Farhan was asked in an interview, “Are you saying unequivocally that if there is not a credible and irreversible path to a Palestinian state, there will not be normalization of relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel?”

To a response, he stated, “That’s the only way we’re going to get a benefit, So, yes.”

In frame: Prince Faisal bin Farhan, a Saudi Arabia's top diplomat. (Credits: NewsLooks)
In frame: Prince Faisal bin Farhan, Saudi Arabia’s top diplomat. (Credits: NewsLooks)

Noting this, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had said that his nation was on ‘the cusp’ of such a deal as this would transform the Middle East.

Moreover, the Palestinians are looking for a state that would include Gaza, annexed east Jerusalem, the Israel-occupied West Bank and other territories that were seized and controlled in 1967 during the Mideast war.

Gaza recorded over 25,000 deaths

The ongoing Israel-Hamas war counted the Palestinian death toll to surpass 25,000. The number of killings has been confirmed by the Health Ministry in Gaza Strip on Sunday.

As per sources, Israel announced the death of another hostage on Sunday, and it appeared to be far from achieving its goal of releasing more than 100 others and crushing the terrorist groups.

Death and Destruction due to ongoing Israel-Hamas War. (Credits: SunStar Davao, Facebook)
Death and Destruction due to the ongoing Israel-Hamas War. (Credits: SunStar Davao, Facebook)

Moreover, around 60,000 people are wounded due to the conflict. The Ministry has not yet distinguished between civilians and soldiers, but according to their predictions, around two-thirds of those killed in war were women and children.

Also, over 85 per cent of Gaza’s population have fled their homes and are seeking shelter in the south. The war has also raised tensions across the region with Iran-backed groups in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen.

PM Netanyahu under mounting pressure

According to the sources, Hamas is believed to be holding hostages in underground tunnels and using them as shields for its top leaders. Only one hostage was successfully rescued by Israel, while as per Hamas, many have been killed during Israeli air strikes or failed rescue operations.

However, these claims could not be independently confirmed.

Noting this, Hamas is ready to free more prisoners only in exchange for an end to the war and the release of thousands of Palestinian prisoners.

It is to be noted that PM Netanyahu neglected the deal, due to which he suffered mounting pressure within the country. Currently, PM Netanyahu is facing terrible domestic pressure due to the Israeli hostage crisis. It includes an angry protest inside a parliamentary committee meeting on Monday.

According to the reports, the relatives of those hostages and others, in anger, set up a tent outside Netanyahu’s residence and continued to be there until the release of their people who were held in asylum amidst the Israel-Hamas War.

Families of hostages pitch protest tents next to Prime Minister's Jerusalem residence. (Credits: All Israel News)
Families of hostages pitch protest tents next to Prime Minister’s Jerusalem residence. (Credits: All Israel News)

“Furious with the Israeli government and demanding the release of remaining hostages, relatives and others set up a tent camp outside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem and vowed to stay until a death is reached”, the report stated.

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