Iranian President to attend Saudi Summit as death toll rises in Gaza

The President of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, prepares to head to Saudi Arabia to discuss the Gaza conflict with other Middle Eastern leaders.

Saudi Arabia to play host to President Ebrahim Raisi. (Image Credits: Google Images)
Saudi Arabia to play host to President Ebrahim Raisi. (Image Credits: Google Images)

Ebrahim Raisi, the President of Iran, is all set to visit Saudi Arabia, to discuss the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas is Gaza. The move is an unprecedented one, considering the strained relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Both nations represent opposing factions in middle eastern politics and are regularly at odds with each other. The fact that the Unites States is an ally of Saudi Arabia and keeps tabs on Iran and its nuclear program has as not gone down well with the orthodox Iranian regime.

Despite these major differences in approach and ideology, representatives of both nations will come together in order to find and amicable solution to the conflict in Gaza and the subsequent humanitarian crisis it has created.

As of now, the task of achieving a peaceful resolution seems to be hard to complete, as Israel enters Gaza after encircling the region over the last few days.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu countered a statement given by President Joe Biden, in which he said that it would be unwise for Israel to occupy Gaza, by stating that Israel is prepared to assume responsibility for Gaza indefinitely.

In an amusing turn of events, while the United States have made every diplomatic effort to pressure Israel into ceasing its bombing campaign in Gaza. Ironically, the Unites States have been the prime suppliers of ammunition and missiles which are essential for the Israeli war machine to keep turning its wheels.

In fact, the Unites States have promised Israel a further supply of precision bombs worth $320 million, highlighting the dual nature of the players behind the conflict.

As the humanitarian crisis continues to escalate in Gaza, European organisations and officials are looking at new routes into Gaza, which can be used to send aid to the civilians at risk. The possibility of a maritime route being opened has not been ruled out either.

The Heads of State of 18 United Nation members, as well as supplementary organisations have drafted a collective statement, seeking an immediate ceasefire.

The United Nations have pointed out that a large number of their workers have lost their lives due to this conflict. In fact, the numbers are so significant that this conflict has killed more United Nations workers than any other in recent history.

Shocking reports out of Gaza coming from the WHO, state that medical supplies are at an all time low in Gaza. The situation is so dire that Doctors are reportedly performing surgeries and amputations without anaesthesia.

To make matters worse, the WHO has reported that a total of 160 medical workers have also lost their lives and “have died on duty while taking care of those injured and diseased.”

What is shocking is the fact that the situation seems to get worse each day, while the civilians trapped in Gaza seem to have no options or recourse.