Israel bombs the Jabalia refugee camp, killing 50. (Image Credits: Google Images)

Israel bombs largest refugee camp in Gaza, several killed in the process

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Israel’s latest airstrike in Gaza has levelled buildings in the Jabalia refugee camp which is the largest in the region, while Israeli forces claim that the attack led to the death of a high-ranking Hamas commander.

This particular Israeli offensive alone led to the deaths of 50 people and left several injured. Israeli authorities have also reported that several Hamas operatives have also been neutralized in this attack and the high-ranking commander killed, was directly associated with the October 7th attack on Israel.

Due to these reasons, Israeli forces saw him as a high value target that had to be neutralized at all costs.

Palestinian officials have stated that roughly 150 individuals have been injured in the attack. Multiple buildings have been destroyed in the area and the airstrikes have left massive craters around the dilapidated buildings as well.

The Director of the Indonesian Hospital, Dr Atef al-Kahlout confirmed that more than 50 people have lost their lives and the number could rise as the hospital is still working on the final count.

Israeli Defense Forces on the other hand, were overjoyed to announce the deaths of Ibrahim Biari and dozens of Hamas combatants who are said to been taking shelter at the bombing site.

A representative of the Israeli Defense Forces gave a statement on the matter, “He [Biari] was very important, I would say even pivotal in the planning and the execution of the October 7 attack against Israel from the northeastern parts of the Gaza Strip” stated Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus, according to Reuters.

“And I understand that is also the reason why there are many reports of collateral damage and non-combatant casualties. We’re looking into those as well” he added.

Having said that, Hamas Spokesperson Hazem Qassem scoffed at these claims, adding that no senior Hamas commanders were killed in the airstrike. He stated that this was a pretense being used by Israel to attack and slaughter civilians.

Reports suggest survivors had to navigate two large craters to reach sites where bodies and injured individuals were trapped under the rubble.

A Jabalia resident Ragheb Aqal, had this to say on the matter, “I went and saw the destruction… homes buried under the rubble and body parts and martyrs and wounded in huge numbers.”

Following the Hamas led attack on Israel, dated October 7th 2023, Israel has vowed to weed out every remanent of Hamas and eradicate the group. The attacks on Gaza as well as the complete siege and blockade of the region is Israel’s retaliation.

In the process, the 2.3 million citizens of Gaza have been put at risk, facing constant airstrikes, bombardments and ground attacks from Israel. To add to their despair, the blockade of Gaza has also led to a shortage of basic resources such as food, fuel and medical supplies.

The bombing efforts have also damaged the electrical facilities of the region, while the water supply is often cut off as well. Hence, the situation is Gaza continues to worsen while Israel and Hamas fight, putting the common folk of Gaza at risk.