"I could not allow constitutional prerogative of the office of PM to be diminished", says PM Harris

“I could not allow constitutional prerogative of the office of PM to be diminished”, says PM Harris

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St Kitts and Nevis: The Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis, Dr Timothy Harris, focused on the agenda as the Team Unity administration attempts to put out some of the core issues affecting the nation’s leadership, policies, as well as decision-making.

The second meeting between the alliance of Team Unity was held on April 14 on Thursday, to look at the issues that are affecting the administration, which included the representative from the Harris-led People’s Labour Party (PLP), People’s Action Movement (PAM), and Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM).

Moreover, the Prime Minister mentioned in the interview, which was televised, has revealed some of the agenda items as well as providing the information on probable solutions.

The problems related to the governance as well as transparency, a reassignment of the ministerial duties that external involvement of the global financial institutions and a rise in the operating budget of Nevis were all touched on in the five-minute address.

Along with this, on the issue that has improved the internal reporting as well as the transparency of the government officers, the Prime Minister stated that he agreed with a rise oversight approach.

Dr Harris mentioned in the statement, ‘I committed to undertake a review of the makeup of the cabinet in due course, with a vision to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the government as a whole. I made it clear that I could not allow the constitutional prerogative of the office of the Prime Minister to be diminished.’

Harris expressed, “progress has been made with the World Bank giving its consent to undertake a study to advise equitable revenue-sharing arrangements between the federal government and the Nevis Island Administration.’

He further added, ‘I remain fully committed to the process that would bring this unfortunate situation to an end. I believe at this time; our country must have a cabinet that is fully committed to addressing the pressing issues that confront our people, such as job creation, the cost of living, caring for our elderly and the poor, providing housing, maintaining the peace and security within our nation and ensuring our socio-economic recovery from the Pandemic.