"Behaviour in video was unacceptable and offensive," says Premier Brantley

“Behaviour in video was unacceptable and offensive,” says Premier Brantley

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Nevis: Minister of Foreign Affairs and Aviation, Premier of Nevis and leader of the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) – Mark Brantley, has issued a statement regarding a troubling incident at the local beach on Nevis in April 9, 2022.

Premier Brantley mentioned, “A very disturbing video of young primary school children practising for their annual inter primary sports meet on a public beach being interfered with by a woman who sought to disrupt their use of the beach has been brought to the attention of the Nevis Island Administration (NIA).”

He also stated that the Nevis’ beaches belong to all as they are public property.

“I wish to be clear that ALL beaches on the island of Nevis are public property and therefore free for the use and enjoyment of all members of the public,” Brantley further mentioned.

He also welcomed the people who visited the island country but asked them to treat the residents of the country with generous hospitality.

“Those who visit our island or choose to live on our island are welcomed and will experience no warmer or more genuine hospitality anywhere else in the world. I wish to be pellucid, however, that our generous hospitality must not be abused,” Nevis Premier was quoted.

He termed the incident unacceptable and offensive and demanded an investigation by the Ministry of Education.

“The behaviour exhibited on the videos is unacceptable and offensive and must be condemned unreservedly. I gather that the woman involved and her spouse has apologized for her actions to the coaches, parents and students,” he added.

“I have nevertheless asked the Ministry of Education to investigate and report further on the incident,” the leader of CCM mentioned.

Minister further hoped that such behaviour must not be reported in Nevis. “I am to hope that there will never ever be a repeat of such behaviour on Nevis whether by her or anyone else,” he expressed.