Nevis: Premier Brantley raises question on NRP, demands rightful share of CBI

Nevis: Premier Brantley raises question on NRP, demands rightful share of CBI

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St Kitts and Nevis: Premier of Nevis and leader of Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) – Mark Brantley, has slammed the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) and asked if the party cares about the residents of Nevis.

Premier Brantley took social media to raise the question and outlined that “The Nevis Reformation Party was with the Labour in the Federation government when the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF) earned $ 2.32 Billion from Citizenship by Investment Programme. Nevis just received $28.7 Million, including $13 Million as loans.”

He then asked, “Does NRP care about Nevisian?”

Premier Brantley has been raising his voice for the Nevis’ fair share of CBI revenue. As per him, the government must distribute the share under the Charlestown Accord, which states that the funds must be given to both the islands on their population basis.

He has also asked the government to disclose the actual amount generated from the CBI Programme as the portion received by Nevis is very small. Furthermore, he has outlined that under “Team Unity”, financial assistance provided to Nevis is less, and the privileges have been enjoyed by other administrations.

Earlier, on April 9, the Premier of Nevis slammed the political party for not joining the fight against COVID-19 to save the lives of the Nevisians. He stated, “The NRP refused to join the fight against COVID 19 to save lives.”

He also stated that the NRP has also not joined the fight for Nevis’ rightful share of the CBI Programme.

Following this, he asked the question, “Is the NRP really for Nevisians?”

Nowadays, Mark Brantley has been working to provide safety and security to the residents of the island. The administration has introduced the CCTV surveillance program, which is a result of its dedication to improving our security and local infrastructure.

Brantley stated, “Our committed leadership and the strength of our community are the basis of Nevis’s continued growth.”