“None Can Hold a Candle of Correction,” St Kitts and Nevis Labour Party

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Basseterre: Whenever politicians bring their disputes to the public domain it is an indication of a serious breakdown of communication, trust, and good governance, as is evident in this DisUnity coalition. It is an embarrassing look for the federation to have the Deputy Prime Minister, and other Ministers of government airing their grievances towards the person they chose to lead the coalition, the Prime Minister, on social media platforms for the entire world to see.

If they have no faith or trust in their own administration, why should you?

The public disputes are unprofessional and disrespectful to the public who entrusted them with the understanding that they have the maturity and competence to manage the affairs of our beloved nation.

SKNLP has been speaking out against the mismanagement of our country and now they themselves are exposing their own corruption, greed, incompetence and confessing to the mismanagement we have spoken of, while feigning innocence and claiming to be “keeping the promise”.

How can a man who has served as Deputy Prime Minister for seven (7) years not know anything about anything that is happening within his cabinet, or ministry? That is gross injustice to the people, incompetence, and negligence.

How can ministers and cabinet members who come together to vote on policies and present said policies to the public claim to be unaware of what the policies entail? That is gross injustice to the people, incompetence, and negligence.

How can ministers breach the very laws and protocols they put in place? That is gross injustice to the people, incompetence, and negligence.

If the Prime Minister feels the need to commission the auditing of certain departments of the Deputy Prime Minister, this is tantamount to declaring him unfit for office.

The DisUnity Administration is riddled with corruption, lies, lack of trust, lack of accountability, lack of good governance, and deceit, yet with all the public low blows accusations aimed at each other, none of the parties within the coalition has the fortitude to hold the other accountable, dissolve the House, or put forward a Motion of No Confidence.
None of the Ministers in the DisUnity coalition can hold a candle of correction against each other.

The new agreement proposed in their private meeting is based only on their personal interests and not the interest of the people. They have all proven themselves to be unfit to lead our beloved Federation. It is time for the people of St. Kitts and Nevis to say enough is enough.

The St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party with its visionary leadership and dynamic team will bring good governance, honesty, and decency back to our country.