Housing Authority of Grenada set to distribute low-income housing units

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The Housing Authority of Grenada (HAG) has announced that it continues to make significant progress in its efforts to distribute low-income housing units to citizens and will begin with Corinth, St David, before expanding efforts to other sections of the nation.

Going by the information furnished by the Housing Authority of Grenada (HAG), the distribution of houses will be a streamlined process, making it quite convenient for citizens to acquire housing through the scheme.

The process will entail the following steps, the Inspection and Acceptance of Units; Signing of the Sale Agreement; Preparation of Conveyance by the Legal Team; finalisation of transactions between financial institutions, HAG, and the legal team and then Hand Over of Keys to Homeowner.

The authority has made concerted efforts over the past few months, to ensure that the process of finalizing acquisitions is as easy as possible and has fitted houses with closets and other basic furnishings, to make sure that the units are habitable when they are eventually handed over to residents.

The handover will be initiated in Corinth, St David, followed by The Villa, St Patrick; Dumfries, Carriacou; Beausejour, St George; and Diamond, St Mark, in this specific order.
The process is slated to begin on Tuesday, the 19th of March and come to a close on Friday, the 22nd of March in Corinth, St David, between 9 am and 6 pm.

Initially, the spaces that have been assigned will be opened for inspection by appointment for clients that have been preapproved under the remit of the program.

Clients will also be able to set up appointments by contacting the Housing Authority of Grenada (HAG) to initiate the process of acquiring a housing unit through the initiative.
Housing Authority of Grenada (HAG) officials will be present as inspections are conducted by clients.

Both the clients and Housing Authority of Grenada (HAG) officials, will be required to sign Inspection Forms, detailing the process. The forms will also include a list of the questions and queries that the clients present with, so as to help the authority gain a comprehensive understanding of the process itself.

From Monday, the 25th of March till Thursday, the 28th of March, the inspections units will be opened to other clients who have been short listed, between 9 am and 6 pm.
Clients can also make use of a provision through which an appointment can be set on the basis of a genuine requirement by contacting the Housing Authority of Grenada’s (HAG) Head Office directly.

A Sale Agreement will be signed by the client at the Housing Authority of Grenada’s (HAG) office, after the inspection process has been completed, in accordance with the aforementioned protocols, contingent to the client accepting the unit.

Other areas will follow a similar process to facilitate inspections and subsequent acquisitions by clients on the following days:

• The Villa, St Patrick will be open for inspections on the 2nd of April, 2024, between 9 am and 6 pm.

• Dumfries, Carriacou will be open for inspections on the 2nd of April, 2024, between 9 am and 6 pm.

• Beausejour, St George- will be open for inspections on the 15th of April, 2024, between 9 am and 6pm.

• Diamond, St Mark will be open for inspections on the 29th of April, 2024, between 9 am and 6 pm.

The Government of Grenada has pursued this initiative diligently, through the Housing Authority of Grenada (HAG), with the vision of providing safe and secure housing units to those in the nation who need them the most.

Considering the progress made by the Housing Authority of Grenada (HAG), the government appreciated the work put in by the authority and congratulated citizens who are set to realise their dream of owning a home that they can call their own, thus gaining the opportunity to live with a degree of pride and dignity.

The initiative has been lauded by many in the nation, who consider it a vital step which looks to secure the future of many of the citizens of Grenada, who would otherwise find themselves struggling to fulfill their requirements in this regard.

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