Grenada govt signs agreement with AFYA for unused medical supplies

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The government of Grenada has signed an agreement with AFYA, becoming the 84th partner of the US based charitable organisation which accumulates unused medical supplies and then provides them to countries in need, in the form of donations.

At that point, the recipient can decide how to disseminate the supplies to health care centers, clinics and hospitals at its own discretion.

Danielle Butin, the Founder and CEO of the foundation gave the following statement at the signing of the agreement with Grenada on the 5th of March, 2024, “We collect high-quality surplus medical supplies equipment, durable supplies from the biggest and the best health systems of New York City and we only send supplies that are matched from request from on the ground providers…Our goal is to strengthen the existing healthcare infrastructure.”

In accordance with the agreement, the first container laden with supplies arrived in Grenada on the 22nd of February, 2024.

Danielle Butin, also stated that, “It was packed with wound care supplies, supplies for primary paediatric labs, surgical and urgent care; we have trigonometry trays, orthopaedic braces and so much more…The fair market value for this thing is US$100,000.”

According to well-placed sources, AFYA was founded roughly 16 years ago and provides supplies like sutures, bandages, assorted surgical instruments and more to regions and nations where there is either an acute shortage of such material or no supply to speak of in the first place.

This is considered a novel initiative which is of great benefit to multiple parties in many ways, as it allows surplus supplies to reach those in need all over the world, instead of them ending up as waste in landfills. This has also allowed the organisation to position itself as a significant player in the international medical supply chain.

It is estimated that each year, medical facilities in America discard 7,000 tons of medical supplies which remain unused and are in fact in perfect condition to be of use elsewhere.

This results in the loss of medical supplies which are worth around $20 billion, due to federal regulations. The fact remains that these supplies can be used by multiple facilities, hospitals and clinics, to meet theirs needs and help them provide vital medical care to those in need.

This is where AFYA sets itself apart by acquiring surplus medical supplies, hospital equipment and humanitarian provisions. This allows the organisation to provide material worth millions of dollars to the needful.

The Healthcare Minister of Grenada, Phillip Telesford, was responsible for signing the agreement on the behalf of the government and commended the initiative for ensuring that supplies are available to primary healthcare facilities on the island. He also mentioned that Grenada believes this initiative has the potential to have a transformative effect on the healthcare services in the nation.

Telesford highlighted the fact that there are 36 primary healthcare facilities in the state and said that the following, “This is extremely critical, it is no secret there is a push to the General Hospital; regardless of the complaint, everybody rushes to the General Hospital. This initiative is geared towards assisting in transforming primary healthcare which will indeed pull people back to the community healthcare facilities.”

The Grenada Diaspora Advisory Council (GDAC), which was established in September 2022, has been praised for its role in facilitating this agreement between the government of Grenada and the AFYA Foundation.

Shonda Cadore, who happens to be one of the two founding members of GDAC, appreciated the work put in by the diaspora, thanking such individuals for their medical expertise and time, both of which have been invaluable to the success of this agreement.

She also stated the following, “We are the brainchild behind this organisation. It is to create a win-win situation for both Grenadians and the Government. The goal is to match expertise in the diaspora with the needs of the Country. The council is dedicated to prioritising long-term initiatives in collaboration with the associated government ministries. We share a vision of a more prosperous and resilient nation.”

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