NAWASA Grenada launches $125M groundbreaking investment to bolster water security

NAWASA Grenada launches $125M groundbreaking investment to bolster water security

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St George’s, Grenada: The NAWASA Grenada has commenced with the groundbreaking US$125 million investment, signifying a comprehensive approach to mitigating two critical climate risks and vulnerabilities in Grenada—namely, freshwater availability and disaster preparedness.

Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell delivered the keynote address at the event, which took place at the Mirabeau Propagating Station on Tuesday, September 19, 2023. The ceremony drew the presence of senior government officials and parliamentary representatives representing the project’s expansive route, stretching from Mirabeau to Tivoli, Tufton Hall St Marks, and the southern region of the island.

This initiative marks the first significant investment aimed at mitigating one of the Authority’s most pressing weaknesses – the lack of water storage. The project’s investments in pipeline replacements and new water storage infrastructure will substantially enhance customer service levels across the island. The Group 1 Component of the G-CREWS project encompasses two key elements: pipeline installation and the placement of water storage tanks in three general areas.

According to the update shared by NAWASA, the construction is set to commence shortly on the longest pipeline run, beginning at NAWASA‘s Mirabeau Water Treatment Plant and extending all the way to Tivoli. This phase will involve replacing over 12,000 meters of pipelines and installing a new 500,000-gallon storage tank at the Mirabeau plant. A new 500,000-gallon storage tank will be constructed at the Peggy’s Whim Water Treatment Plant in St. Patrick’s.

The second area includes the installation of a new 500,000-gallon storage reservoir in Tufton Hall and the replacement of water lines from the Tufton Hall Water Treatment Plant to Queen’s Street in Victoria.

In the third area of this initial phase, approximately 4,000 meters of lines will be installed, accompanied by a 500,000-gallon water storage tank in the Morne Rouge area. This development holds particular significance for the communities of Gwankai, The Bronks, and the Housing Scheme in Frequente, which have long faced water challenges and will now receive much-needed relief.

The project aims to address NAWASA’s needs island-wide, and by mid-2024, work on Group 2 sites will commence, entailing a substantial number of pipeline replacements and an additional eight storage reservoirs, including three 100,000-gallon tanks for Carriacou.

Following a rigorous competitive tender process, Kenny’s Trucking Limited was selected as the designated contractor for this major investment.

NAWASA acknowledges the invaluable contribution of Mr Dieter Rothenberger, Head of the GIZ Team in Grenada, during the project development phase. He played a pivotal role in motivating the project development team, even during challenging times when the approval process seemed to involve ever-increasing hurdles and narrow goals.

The core objective of the G-CREWS project is to significantly enhance Grenada’s resilience to climate change impacts in the water sector. This goes beyond infrastructure upgrades, encompassing the strengthening of governance structures for improved water resource management, the empowerment of citizens and businesses to actively participate in water conservation and responsible usage, and ensuring reliable access to clean water for all (notably in support of the Government’s stated WASH initiative). Furthermore, a specific component has been included to foster regional collaboration through shared experiences, with the intention that this project will serve as a model for others in the region to emulate.

The event also included a special recognition for Mr Christopher Husbands, marking his final official appearance as General Manager. NAWASA is grateful to Dickon Mitchell for acknowledging Mr Husbands’ contributions and honouring his remarkable 33 years of leadership at NAWASA.

After steering the organization for a commendable 15 years, Mr Christopher Husbands will commence his early pre-retirement leave on September 29, 2023. NAWASA attributes a significant portion of the project’s success to his outstanding leadership, as he played a crucial role in propelling NAWASA to this pivotal juncture.