Here’s List of Carnivals to be Celebrated in 2023
Here’s List of Carnivals to be Celebrated in 2023
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The year 2022 is about to end, and everyone worldwide is looking forward to celebrating and welcoming the New Year 2023. The countdown to say goodbye to the ongoing year has started, and people have begun preparing to mark the New Year with midnight hugs and champagne toasts.

While bidding bye to 2022, here is the calendar for the Carnivals, which will be celebrated with a bash in 2023.

The winter month of January will mark the celebration of “two” Carnivals
1) St Kitts Sugarmas
(2nd to 3rd of January)
2) St Croix Festival
(7th of January)

February will mark “five” Carnivals
1) Aruba Carnival
(19th of February)
2) Carnival in Carriacou/ Kayak Mas
(20th and 21st of February)
3) Carnival in Trinidad
(20th and 21st of February)
4) Carnival in Dominica
(20th and 21st of February)
5) Carnival in Saint Martin (French)
(19th to 21st of February)
6) Guyana Mashramani
(23rd of February)

The month of April will welcome the tourists in “four” countries (because of Carnival celebration)
1) Jamaica Carnival
(16th of April)
2) Carnival in Tampa
(22nd of April)
3) St Thomas Carnival
(29th of April)
4) Carnival in Sint Maarten
(30th of April)

May with witness celebration of “six” Carnivals:
1) Cayman Batabano Carnival
(6th of May)
2) Carnival in The Bahamas
(20th of May)
3) Atlanta Carnival
(27th of May)
4) Orlando Carnival
(28th of May)
5) Carnival in Arizona
(28th of May)
6) Berlin Carnival of Cultures
(28 of May)

June will celebrate “four” Carnivals
1) South Carolina Carnival
(10th of June)
2) Bermuda Festival
(19th of June)
3) Hollywood Carnival
(24th of June)
4) DC/Hookie Weekend
(18th of June)

The month of July will witness “five” Events
1) Cayman Caymas
(1st of July)
2) Houston Caribbean Festival
(2nd of July)
3) St John
(4th of July)
4) St Vincent Vincymas
(10th and 11th of July)
5) Carnival in Saint Lucia
(17th and 18th of July)

The month of August will celebrate the highest number of Carnivals and Events “Nine”
1) Toronto Caribana
(5th of August)
2) Barbados Crop Over
(7th of August)
3) Antigua Carnival
(7th and 8th of August)
4) Anguilla Summer Festival
(11th of August)
5) Jacksonville
(12th of August)
6) Grenada Spicemas
(14th and 15th of August)
7) Carifall Niagara Falls
(26th of August)
8) Boston
(26th of August)
9) Notting Hill
(27th and 28th of August)

“Two” Carnivals will be celebrated in September
1) Carnival in New York
(4th of September)
2) Japan Carnival
(18th of September)

October will mark celebration of 3 events
1) Miami
(8th of October)
2) TBA Guyana
3) Tobago Carnival
(29th of October)