HelpAWS: A heartfelt battle for animal welfare in Saint Lucia amidst challenges

HelpAWS: A heartfelt battle for animal welfare in Saint Lucia amidst challenges

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Castries, Saint Lucia: “Working in animal welfare is not for the weak of heart,” noted HelpAWS while sharing emotions as a dog shelter organisation.

It further mentioned that it deals with so much on a daily basis that sometimes it wants to give up, but it keeps pushing because it knows if we don’t, no one will. Even on days when it feels like it can sit back and take a little breather, it receives new little ones who need a safe haven to call home, albeit temporarily.

“We sometimes have babies who come in so ill, who we nurse back to health. Babies who have suffered broken bones while being out on the streets. Little ones who sometimes pass away in our arms. There are so many challenges, but we keep pushing because these babies need us. What we never expect to happen is individuals speaking poorly about our hard work, but unfortunately, it happens more than you might think,” it added.

As per the update, HelpAWS’ main priority is the animals that it rescue. “Their safety is our utmost concern, but even though that is the case, most people think it’s going to be a quick payday to *donate* animals to us. And many, even though we try to help by educating them, threaten us with hurting other animals they may have or will come across in the future,” it further expressed.

It also mentioned that it’s so disheartening at times to think that there will never be a change, no matter what it does. It fights so many battles daily and sometimes feels like giving up. It shed so many tears, but at the end of it, all it dusts itself off and gets back to work because so many little lives continue to need.

“We constantly look back to see how happy the babies who have walked through our doors are and how fortunate they are to have such amazing families,” HelpAWS added.

Furthermore, it expressed, “Because of our amazing HelpAWS family, we are able to continue providing the best care to these babies who deserve to live a happy life. We are so thankful for you all.”