Guyana officers investigate suspicious shooting attack on 6-year-old. Picture Credits: Fb accounts

Guyana officers investigate suspicious shooting attack on 6-year-old

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Georgetown, Guyana: A six-year-old was hospitalized in a critical condition following a severe injury caused by the gunshot. The authorities of Guyana are investigating this tragic incident as neither family member nor the neighbours heard the explosive sound of gunshot.

As per the details, the mother of the victim put her child to sleep in bed. Subsequently, in the middle of the night, when the lady woke up and went to use the washroom, she heard that her daughter was groaning. She immediately went to her child’s room and discovered that the head and clothing of the victim were drenched in a reddish substance, which was suspected to be blood.

Soon after that, the mother informed her husband and rushed the child to the Georgetown Public Hospital. On reaching there, the doctors on duty examined the child thoroughly and held a CT scan. As per the doctors, they are providing the best medical facilities to a 6-year-old, but she is still in a critical condition and has to undergo surgery.

Following the incident, the authorities were also informed about it, and during their investigation, they observed a room of the child. They discovered that a suspected gunshot entry was seen in the zinc, which appeared to have projected inwards just in the near surrounding of the victim’s bed.

According to the details, reddish stains which were suspected to be blood were found on the bed and no spent shell was seen in or around the dwelling house. Moreover, the authorities are conducting detailed investigation into the matter to get the culprit punished for the offence he/she committed.

As per the reports, several people were questioned by the officers, but no one gave any relevant information and stated that they did not ever hear any sound of gun.

Residents of Guyana flooded social media accounts with their views and opinions on this act of crime. One person with Facebook handle Ray Ray Lillu commented “I hope the police do a good work because something is covering up.”

Another person with Facebook account Luxury Doll wrote “I am highly upset especially when it’s involving innocent children or child. Adults are to be blamed for such act to involve little children.”

“This story is very fishy, something not adding up. Get well soon, princess,” wrote another Facebook user.