Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation performs first-ever paediatric liver resection surgery. Picture Credits: Fb accounts

Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation performs first-ever paediatric liver resection surgery

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Georgetown, Guyana: Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation of Guyana achieved a significant milestone as it has successfully performed its first-ever paediatric liver resection. This procedure was reported to be carried out on an 18-month-old patient diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of liver cancer which is also known as hepatoblastoma.

According to the details, one of the renowned Paediatric surgeons of Guyana, Dr. Marisa Seepersaud led this surgical procedure. For the same, he assembled a local team of doctors together for the successful implementation of the surgery. The treatment of the young patient was started with a series of chemotherapy sessions which were administered by Oncologists, Dr. Archer and his team.

Picture Credits: Fb accounts
Picture Credits: Fb accounts

After that, the radiology team led by Dr. Vyphius monitored the tumour which was responding well to the treatment. Notably, the tumour was found to have successfully reduced by around 50% in size following the five sessions of chemotherapy.

Moreover, the local team of Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation recognized the complexity of the procedure. Therefore, they extended an invitation to two hepatobiliary specialists with a vision to protect the child suffering from such a disease. The specialists namely, Dr. Colin Abel, Head of Paediatric Surgery and Liver Transplant at the Bustamante Hospital for Children in Jamaica and Professor Steven Dunn, Head of Solid Organ Transplant at Nemours Children’s Hospital in Delaware, USA accompanied the local team for their common goal of safeguarding the young child.

Dr. Marisa Seepersaud shed light on the successful completion surgery and stated that it took nine-hour to completely resect the tumour. While emphasising on the procedure, he stated that their utmost priority was the safety of the child in all their surgical procedures. He added that the senior consultants from anaesthetic department, Doctors Fernando and Arturo, also ensured that baby is safe throughout the process of anaesthesia.

Picture Credits: Fb accounts
Picture Credits: Fb accounts

After the successful procedure of the surgery, Dr Marisa Seepersaud extended gratitude to the specialists who came all way long to Guyana for the surgery. He also thanked them for their expertise and knowledge in successfully resecting the tumour.

This significant milestone of GPHC outlines their unwavering commitment and dedication towards advancing paediatric surgical care in Guyana. The administration of the hospital has promised to continue to enhance its medical capabilities with a motive to benefit and protect its patients.