Guyana: Kwawwani youths defying odds through vocational and technical programmes

Guyana: Kwawwani youths defying odds through vocational and technical programmes

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Guyana: Ministry of Labour of the Republic of Guyana has informed that Trevis Clarke, a resident of Kwakwani in Region Ten, said that being certified in the electrical installation has changed his life and that of his family, thanks to the Board of Industrial Training (BIT).

The young man told BIT officials that he used to hang out with the wrong crowd and assumed that culture was his way of life, but that all changed when he learned about BIT. Once registered, he set aside such distractions and concentrated on attending every session offered while at school.

Following her remarks, Pam Rambaran, Technical Officer, described this trait as admirable because it demonstrates his determination and passion for the craft. The eager youth, now equipped with the skills and abilities to be marketable, mentioned the possibility of starting his own business.

Clarke was one of sixty-five (65) Kwakwani graduates who earned certification in Welding and Fabrication, Electrical Installation, Joinery, Commercial Food Preparation, Plumbing, and Information Technology.

It was done in the presence of the Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton; Board of Industrial Training; Senior Technical Officer Leon Greaves; and Technical Officer with responsibility for Kwakwani, Rambaran, among other officials. Roylam Welcome, like Clarke, is certified in electrical installation while still in secondary school.

His story, however, began with his uncle’s recommendation, who had the opportunity to witness the journeys of other BIT graduates. These stories, he said, inspired him to take a leap of faith in order to achieve similar goals, for which he is grateful.

As such, the young man thanked BIT for opening its doors to all Guyanese, particularly those his age, who are interested in becoming skilled individuals to contribute to their country.

Renisha Mittelholzer, another graduate, enrolled in BIT’s Joinery Programme while in secondary school after being encouraged by her family. A decision she said she does not regret because it gave her the opportunity to learn about this craft and create beautiful items for herself and others.

The young woman’s journey, however, does not end with the ceremony; she intends to further her education at the Linden Technical Institute (LTI). To that end, she urged others to follow in her footsteps, stating that now is the time to learn a life skill that will help them improve their livelihood.

“Do not let any difficulty define who you are because only you can make those decisions,” Mittelholzer said. “Get involved in BIT and become the best version of yourself.”

Minister Hamilton, in brief remarks, thanked the graduates for recognizing the importance of acquiring life skills in order to play a pivotal role in Guyana’s development and stated that the agency would continue in its efforts to build the nation’s human resources.

The ceremony also celebrates the rebirth of a dying art form, joinery, as well as increased female participation. A step forward for which he is grateful, as it demonstrates the government’s commitment to addressing gender inequality while also developing a skilled labour force.

Moving forward, the ministry will continue to push beyond this barrier in order to empower women, retirees, and disabled people with the skills to become employable in the future.

Greaves, senior technical officer, congratulated the graduates on finishing their respective vocations despite any challenges they may have faced. As a result, he charged them with continuing on this path in order to improve their chances of gaining employment in desirable industries.

Greaves also encouraged them to share their knowledge with others who wanted to help the development of their communities and the region.