Guyana: 18-year-old shot by acquittance following altercation

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Georgetown, Guyana: An 18-year-old construction worker was shot by a known person on Tuesday as the duo got into a heated argument. The victim is undergoing treatment and is still in a hospital whereas the suspect is on the run. 

The victim has been identified as a teen named Aydil Francis, a construction worker from South Sophia and the suspect has been recognized as “Preggo” from Plum Park, Sophia. 

As per the details shared by the authorities, the victim was sitting at a shop next to the ‘black and white’ bridge in Guyhoc where the suspect, Preggo riding on a motorcycle and approached Francis. 

Subsequently, the suspect took out the handgun from the waist of his pants and fired a shot towards the victim’s direction. The shot fired by the suspect hit the victim’s lower left foot and created a severe wound. 

The assailant fled on his motorcycle after firing a shot and made his escape. Following the incident, the residents nearby informed the authorities about the matter and took Francis to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. 

Notably, the victim is still hospitalized and is undergoing treatment for the injury he faced due to the gunshot. The medical officials are providing the best possible treatment to Francis and by stating his health, they have said that his condition is stable and is doing well now. 

The investigating officers made their visit to the hospital recorded the entire statement of the victim and shared their vision to conduct a thorough investigation into the case to get the culprit punished for the offence he committed. 

Several residents of the community flooded the social media accounts with their opinions and views. They also highlighted the rising crime scenes of the nation, extended wishes to the injured man, and hoped for a speedy recovery. Along with that, they are also hoping for the betterment of his family. 

One person commented, “I hope he gets well soon, and the authorities need to take strict action against that suspect and need to get that person punished for the offence.”

Another person commented the following “Take a quick charge to the crime and arrest that suspect, nobody is allowed to attempt crimes openly.”

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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