Grenada to kick off preparation for CARIFTA 2024

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St. George’s, Grenada: Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture to start the work soon for preparation to host CARIFTA in Grenada.

Notably, on Wednesday, 3 January 2024, the technical team of CARIFTA Games 2024 conducted the final walk-through of the Kirani James Athletics Stadium before the commencement of the relaying of the synthetic track for the preparation of hosting the event in the island nation.

The technical team included the officers from various departments which includes, the officials from the Division of Sports, the Grenada Athletic Association, the National Organizing Committee, the Ministry of Infrastructure Development and the Grenada National Stadium Authority.

Coordinator of Sports, Kerlon Peters while highlighting the preparation, stated that “the team is also working really hard in order to get the track ready within the time limit so that they can successfully host various upcoming events which includes, National Championships 2024, the Republic Bank Intercol 2024 and the GUT National Primary School Meet.”

It is to be noted, that the 51st edition of the CARIFTA Games will take place in Grenada on the Easter weekend. The games will be played from 30th March to 1st April 2024.

As per the information shared by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture of Grenada, the material and equipment required for the renovation of the stadium is anticipated to arrive this week in the island nation. Further, it is expected that the work of refurbishment will start by the next week.

Moreover, the Ministry of Infrastructure Development is under the process of finalizing the advent of works which includes the unfolding of the warm-up track.

According to the source, the authorization and the pertinent permits are also being finalized in order to start work on the facility.

Furthermore, the work refurbishment is ongoing at the Roy St John Playing Field in Tanteen and the other playing fields around the island to accommodate sporting activities meanwhile construction is ongoing at the Kirani James Athletic Stadium.

The work that has been conducted at Tanteen includes improving the drainage, fencing and refurbishment of buildings and bleachers and levelling of the grounds.

The people may contact Kareen Morain-Alexander, Communications Officer,  Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture in case of any query or information at 1-473-440-6917 or they can contact through email id:

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