Grenada: PM Mitchell visits Woburn Road Project site to check ongoing progress

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Grenada: Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell led a site visit to the Cliff / Woburn Road project to gain firsthand insight into the ongoing developments. He said that while an initial meeting was conducted with residents prior to the road reconstruction, it became evident that further discussions are necessary as the construction progresses.

He also said that upon observation, it was essential to engage with utility companies to address existing poles, pipes, etc., that may require relocation.

The Prime Minister said that one significant addition which will be executed is a new roundabout at the junction of the Cliff/Woburn.
PM Mitchell noted that both residents and commuters will benefit from the addition, which will promote better navigation, traffic flow, and increased road safety.

He further noted that from engaging with residents to evaluating the construction progress, the government is committed to ensuring that every aspect of this crucial project meets the highest standards.

The section of the Eastern Main Road from the Roundabout at Springs/Woodlands to Upper Woburn Road, known as The Cliff, St George, was closed on April 25 for construction until further notice. The Ministry of Infrastructure said that the closure is important for the reconstruction of the road.

The Ministry also advised people travelling from the cliff direction, except for trucks and heavy-duty vehicles, to enter onto Toby Road and exit from the Woodlands main road.

In addition to this, the Ministry noted that motorists are advised to use alternative routes till the opening of the roads.

The road closures leading to some issues for the general public will ultimately benefit them and the entire country as the major highway will ease people to travel from one place to another.

The Prime Minister’s visit to the site showcases his dedication towards checking the progress and engage in discussion with the contractors and the general public.

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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