Grenada is going to host its dance festival from October 22- October 23. (Credits- Google)

Grenada is excited to commence its Dance Festival

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Saint George, Grenada: Grenada is ready to host the fourth season of the Grenada Dance Festival at Grenada Youth Centre from October 20 to October 23, 2023, on the theme, “The Time is Now: Unification under the Grenadian Sun.”

The Grenada Office of Creative Affairs is opening a registration of Grenadian Dance aficionados and students to various workshops of the dance festival, which is being organized by Dance Grenada.

The Grenada Dance Festival showcases its island’s vibrant culture and dance heritage. It desires to bring together practitioners, audiences and dance enthusiasts from all over the world.

This festival offers a number of opportunities to various dance devotees to display their traditions and local talent, workshops, international dance exchanges and collaborative performances.

These types of events lay the foundation for future creators and artists, by empowering the community bonds and promoting cultural assets.

About Grenada Dance Festival:

The Dance Grenada brings back its vibes on the beautiful island of Grenada. This year’s theme will focus on highlighting the importance of dance in the promotion of cooperative economies, conservation of history and culture and as a pivotal grantor to the important creative industries sector called the Orange Economy.

Shola K. Roberts- the Founder and Artistic Director, highlighted that he has emphasized the creation of spaces for unity and collaboration and empowerment of  the economy with the staging of such events. It will push the creative arts and the orange economy in Grenada.

Activities of the Grenada Dance Festival:

The Grenada Dance Festival is a focal-point for dance innovation, entrepreneurship and scholarship. The festival is celebrated with the recent formation of the Grenada Office of Creative Affairs. 

The three-day festival will host nine dance workshops that will take participants on a voyage across the African Diaspora. The classes will consist of:

  • Afro-Cuban
  • Traditional Grenadian Folk Dance
  • Hip Hop
  • Caribbean Contemporary

The internationally approved dance artists from Trinidad, New Orleans, New York and Grenada will teach them the basics of the dance.

Roberts-A Caribbean Dance expert and professor of dance at Arizona State University, expressed his gratitude for supporting such kind of festivals for the prosperity and growth they promise to all.

He added that it is not possible to grow this sector only by ourselves; however, there is a need for unification. This will help to spread the message of the educational, cultural and economic value of the creative arts and dance.

The Dance Grenada festival consistently invests and supports the dance and creative sector through its educational programming, advocacy, cultural programming and student scholarships.