Saint Lucia promotes health with 'St Lucia Moves' dance event

MOH promotes health with ‘Saint Lucia Moves’ dance event

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Castries, Saint Lucia: Health Region 3, which includes the Richmond and La Ressource Wellness Centres and Dennery Hospital (PHC Department), is continuing to find creative ways to motivate clients in the surrounding communities of Region 3 to visit the clinics, announced the Ministry of Health of Saint Lucia.

It further emphasised that it is important that each and every resident of the country remain physically active.

To this end, a grand Diabetes /Hypertension Country and Western dance have been planned for Saturday, August 12, 2023, at Palm Valley, commencing at 4:00 pm. This event falls under the ‘St Lucia Moves Initiative” by the Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs, according to the update by the MOH of the nation.

Public Health Nursing Supervisor for Region 3, Enda Reynold, laments that prior to COVID-19, the clinics had a significantly high attendance rate; however, over the past three years, there has been a tremendous decline.

“In an effort to revamp our clinic, we decided to host a Grand St Lucia Moves Country and Western Dance.
This initiative seeks to encourage our clients to engage in physical activity. St, Lucia DM/HTN Statistics prove that Region 3 has the highest rates of Chronic non-communicable diseases, including Diabetes and Hypertension,” Nurse Reynold said.

She added, “After this “St Lucia Moves” activity, we will embark on revamping our exercise program. In an effort to motivate our participants, we will be giving up to five hundred dollars in cash prizes and other attractive prizes. We are grateful to our various stakeholders within the region; they shared genuine concern for the increased death rate due to chronic non-communicable diseases. The prizes were given without hesitation. The enthusiasm to revamp the clinic post-COVID is across the board.”

“We welcome everyone to join us in the region to give support to our Diabetics and Hypertensives. Let’s reactivate our DM / HTN clinic. Region 3, including Richmond, La Ressource and Dennery, no longer want to be regarded as the highest region on the island with uncontrolled Diabetes and Hypertension. Help us spread the message,” Nurse emphasised.

“We are calling back our patients at home to come and utilize the services available. All are invited to support our initiative. This initiative will not only bring back the enthusiasm within our region but all other regions facing the decline in attendance rate at clinics post-COVID-19,” she added.