Govt of Dominica launches Kalinago Development Fund for uplift people

Govt of Dominica launches Kalinago Development Fund for uplift people

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Dominica: The Kalinago Development Fund (KDF) was launched by the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica on March 9, 2022 (Wednesday). The newly launched development fund will provide more access to credit for the people of Kalinago, which will assist them in building resilience, sustaining livelihoods, increasing earnings, household incomes, as well as to create employment.

During the launching ceremony of the development fund, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit addressed the public and mentioned that the government has been moving towards the progressive path. This step will be a step forwards towards the sustainable development of Dominica’s indigenous people belonging to the Kalinago people.

The Fund will contribute to the upliftment of people out of economic dependence and increase the opportunities to build wealth and avenues for growth in the agricultural department, enterprise and education.

PM Skerrit outlined the benefits and mentioned, “It will build capacity and ensure that the people of Kalinago territory can more actively participate in the social and economic life of our country”.

“The Kalinago Development Fund (KDF) was launched today to provide easier access to credit for our Kalinago people to build resilience, sustain livelihoods, increase earnings and household incomes, launch financially viable businesses and create employment,” Prime Minister further stated.

While informing about the expenditure, PM notified that an amount of eight hundred and sixty thousand dollars ($860,000.00) has been disbursed to the AID Bank to begin capitalizing on the Fund for lending to people of Kalinago ancestry, at an interest rate of two percent (2%).

Prime Minister further pledged to add $1 million to the Fund every year. “I also pledged an additional $1million per year to the Fund, which will be included in the national budget over the next five years,” PM Skerrit stated.

He further mentioned, “I believe this marks a turning point in the development of the Kalinago Territory and I encourage our Kalinago brothers and sisters to take full advantage of this new facility.”