Glock 19 pistol & 100 rounds of ammunition seized in Hopewell, Hanover police arrests one

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Kingston, Jamaica: The Hanover police officers executed an operation in Hopewell, where they discovered a Glock 19 pistol and 100 rounds of ammunition. The officers have arrested one male suspect in possession of the findings.

The police reports revealed that they were informed about a man who was seen with a firearm in the premises of Gravel Lane in Hopewell. They responded to the report and carried out a search at the described location.

However, despite many efforts, the officers were unable to find anything there. The ranks then proceeded to the open lot at the back of the premises.

Following several efforts, the investigating officers managed to discover a knapsack, which contained various items inside the bags such as,

  • One hundred and twenty-two (122) 5.56 cartridges
  • Two 9mm cartridges
  • Two 5.56 magazines
  • Five Glock magazines
  • Glock 19 pistol

The law enforcement officers arrested a man who was occupying the premises. His identity is yet to be disclosed by the police pending further investigations.

Additionally, such efforts are proof of the hard work and dedication of the Jamaica police force against the crimes. The seizures of illegal firearms and ammunition could save a number of lives. They are conducting several anti-crime exercises to reduce gun violence.

In the conditions, where Jamaica’s murder toll has surpassed 300 marks, it is a huge achievement of the police department by recovering a quantity of ammunition and firearms. The reports of the Jamaica Constabulary Force revealed that there is a three percent spike in shooting incidents as compared to last year, 2023.

The sources disclosed that the authorities are implementing several measures to reduce the illegal import of firearms and ammunition in the country.

Noting this, the people across the nation took to their social media handles (Facebook) and lauded the continuous efforts of the Jamaica police force. Some of the comments read as,

“Good job Jcf, keep up de pressure”, commented one FB user.

“Great job to the lawmen get them all”, quoted another.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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