Nevis: Premier Brantley criticizes NRP on social media
Nevis: Premier Brantley criticizes NRP on social media

St Kitts and Nevis: The twin-island Federation of St Kitts and Nevis saw general elections 2022 on Friday. The vote-count process is underway, and more than half of the votes are declared; it is revealed that the Concerned Citizens Movement has secured a clear victory.

The candidates of CCM – Mark Brantley, Eric Evelyn and Alexis Jeffers-Quailey have won all three constituencies.

Mark Brantley, leader of CCM and Premier of Nevis, bagged 1685 votes and will represent Constituency #9 for the upcoming five years. The was contesting with Nevis Reformation Party’s Dr Patricia Bartlette, who won 1279 votes and MRM candidate Samuel Caines who won only 77.

Eric Evelyn garnered 312 votes out of the total. His opponent Rohan Isles of the Nevis Reformation Party, bagged 133 votes. Constituency #10 will be represented by Evelyn.

Alexis Jeffers bagged 1172 votes, followed by Dr Janice Daniel-Hodge of Nevis Reformation Party with 1113 votes. The third candidate of MRM – Patricia Mills-Jeffers, secured only 22 votes.

After winning all three seats, the leader of CCM, Mark Brantley, expressed gratitude and thanked each and every supporter of the political party. He came out on social media and highlighted, “Good morning to all the people of Nevis. Please accept my profound gratitude for reposing your trust and confidence in the Concerned Citizens Movement once again and allowing us to be your voice in Basseterre.”

He added, “Our Party has always trusted you, the people of Nevis and tonight, you have spoken overwhelmingly and unequivocally. I thank our campaign team and the army of volunteers who made this possible. Our island owes you a debt of gratitude.”

Furthermore, the Premier of Nevis lauded the leader of NRP for their fighting spirit. He wrote, “To the NRP led by Dr Janice Hodge and her team, I commend you for a spirited fight. Our democracy in Nevis is alive and well, and today we showed that we can peacefully and with decorum select those we wish to represent us.”

He extended thanks and outlined, “Lastly but most importantly, I say praise be to God who has raised us up in a time such as this to serve the people of our beloved island and country.”