Fully vaccinated travelers allowed in Grenada

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The Grenada government would only allow the entrance of fully vaccinated travellers to the country either from the airport or from the seaport. The government has been taking some more measures to mitigate the effect of the COVID-19 virus in the country.

Tourism Minister Dr Clarice Modeste said that they had intensified their discussions with the Ministry of Health (and) being involved in tourism and having seen the suffering of the tour operators, of the vendors, of everybody else, her first impulse has to take what they get, but that has not been ordinary times.


Tourism Minister Dr Clarice Modeste said that was COVID times, and therefore, with them being led by the Ministry of Health, they have been insisting that 100 per cent of their guests might be fully vaccinated.

Tourism Minister Dr Clarice Modeste while talking to reporters at the Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) news conference that the health authorities want to make sure that all of the T’s have been cross and the I’s have been dotted, and that Grenada’s protocol and requirements have been adhered to.

According to the policy of giving permission to full vaccinated travellers to enter the country through airport or seaport but their would-be exemption for the returning nationals of Grenada.

Tourism Minister Dr Clarice Modeste said that they could not put those conditions for Grenadians, the terms and conditions for Grenadians will have to be different.

The current policy is that all visitors who are fully vaccinated will only be required to spend no more than 48 hours in quarantine. All incoming passengers who are fully immunised with received two doses of an approved vaccine are mandated to do an on-island PCR COVID test.

Persons with only one dose of the vaccination are required to spend up to seven days in quarantine and must test negative before they are allowed to mingle with citizens.

The health authorities say they are aware of people using fake documents and are examining documents for authenticity. Several incoming passengers have been charged for presenting falsified documents to immigration and health authorities.


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