Historic meeting of GRENLEC and Grenada's government authorities

Historic meeting of GRENLEC and Grenada’s government authorities

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Grenada‘s PM, Dr Mitchell, said that the historic nature of Wednesday’s meeting in his remarks, noting that in his 36 years of involvement in politics, this is often the primary occasion that such a gathering has taken place, and he thanked the company’s management for arranging it.

Former Cuban President, the Fidel Castro, echoed that sentiment, and they recognize the Cubans wouldn’t give that sort of credit lightly. The people of Montserrat, too, will always remember the service they provided within the aftermath of the disaster, they are often called upon, which is predicated on the standard of personnel within the company.”

Dr Mitchell referenced the great success of the agricultural electrification programme, which was undertaken before the privatization of the corporate and which resulted in a drastic increase within the number of households that had access to electricity.

There will come a time when financing is going to be totally far away from fuel, and that we won’t be an able diesel-generated plant. The country could even be ostracised for not following international guidance because it relates to energy sector and, therefore, the impact on the environment. they were operating during a new energy environment, and that they must work collectively towards the common goal of saving the earth .

With an increasing emphasis on renewable energy, including the Government’s commitment to lowering the value of electricity, there’s concern about the potential impact of that on Grenlec’s finances. Though he affirmed that energy would be the order of the day, alongside cheaper electricity rates, the Prime Minister said it’s a fallacy that workers’ salaries would be negatively impacted.

The Prime Minister compared things to regional transportation, noting that if the value of aviation went down, more people would travel. Therefore the reduction within the cost per ticket would be compensated by the rise in volume.

Minister Cox said, “The work ethic, professionalism, skills and talent of the workers still be widely recognized. Great opportunities lie ahead because the world continues to evolve. There’ll always be challenges, but working together, they would make sure that the specified results would be achieved. I expect that we’ll have a robust and productive working relationship going forward.”