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The Grenada’s government grants permission for hosting cultural activities in carnival

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The carnival celebrations are expected in August as the Grenada government has permitted the promoters to host the events. It is also announced that n state-fund institution would be allowed to do the same due to the critical stage posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The permission would be granted carefully till the whole nation reaches a safe platform with a vaccinated population. These instructions have been passed by the Prime Minister of the island Dr Keith Mitchel.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell says until the island reaches herd immunity, the authorities will be extremely careful about granting permission for mass social events.

Mitchell said that there could be cultural activities, some of which were associated with what takes place during carnival. If the promoters have been moving ahead and promoting cultural activities and people have vaccinated as a condition to participating in the cultural activities, then certainly he thought that the COVID-19 committee was looking seriously at that, and other social activities could be permitted with the condition of vaccination.

Carnival activities endways the second Monday in August, and Mitchell said he would classify the plan as “an allowance of cultural activities.

Kelvin Jacob, CEO of the Spicemas Corporation, said that his employees and officials would not be doing any preparations for the hosting of any cultural and similar activities.

Traditionally, Grenada’s carnival, which is branded as Spicemas, is going to be launched in late April and can run until August.

During the last year, the House approved the legislation for removing the 2nd Monday and Tuesday of August as public holiday. Several citizens overruled this law and decided to celebrate carnival on the streets of the county.

Grenada’s vaccination programme was started in February, and according to the government, till now, only 9,500 citizens are fully vaccinated.

Grenada has reported 161 cases of the virus and 1 death case ago. The first case was registered in March last year