Easter 2023: Saint Lucian leaders wish public, pray for blessings

Easter 2023: Saint Lucian leaders wishes people, asks to pray for blessings

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Castries, Saint Lucia: The world commemorated the sacred day of Easter on April 9, 2023. On this occasion, various leaders of Saint Lucia came together and wished the general public of the nation to have a blessed Easter Day.

Prime Minister Philip J Pierre took to social media to wish the Saint Lucians living in the nation and across the world. While extending warm wishes, he also expressed grief towards the victims and their families of the homicide attack held on Saturday night.

His social media post noted, “My brothers and sisters, today commemorates the resurrection of our Saviour, Lord Jesus Christ. It is a day of hope that reminds us of the power of love, along with forgiveness.”

He added, “However, as we mark this sacred day, we are reminded of the devastating impact of gun violence on the society. My express condolences to the families and loved ones of those killed during last night’s heart-aching homicides. Their pain must be unimaginable, and they are in our thoughts and prayers.”

Picture Courtesy: Government of Saint Lucia

Along with him, Deputy Prime Minster Ernest Hilaire also wished the public on Sunday. The social media post by the minister, along with a verse from the Bible, noted, “He is risen and all who believe in him will be saved. As we reflect on this Easter Sunday, let us remember Jesus Christ, who was sacrificed for the forgiveness of our sins. We are saved because of Him, so let us believe in one another and love and protect our neighbour. Blessed Easter!”

Additionally, Parliamentary Representative for Soufriere-Fond St Jacques – Emma Hippolyte, also took her official social media and said, “Happy Easter to you! I hope that this time is a moment of quiet reflection on the realities of the world we occupy. We begin the season with renewed energy and use the revelations of the Lentern Period to propel us into new projects and towards life-affirming goals. Stay safe.”

Parliamentary Representative for Gros Islet – Kenson Casimir also joined other leaders and wished the people of Saint Lucia.

“May your Easter be filled with reflections on the resurrection of Jesus Christ and why he died for us. May, from this day forth, you carry these reflections as you continue to serve his purpose,” his post read, with a hymn.

Guibion Ferdinand, Saint Lucia Party’s Candidate for Micoud South, thanked Jesus for his resurrection and wished, “Thank you, Lord, for the ultimate gift of your resurrection, a gift designed for our salvation. Happy Easter, Everyone!!!”