Dy PM Ernest Hilaire officially launches Saint Lucia Carnival 2024

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Castries: Deputy Prime Minister Ernest Hilaire expressed his excitement for Saint Lucia’s Carnival, calling it “biggest festival” it has ever seen. It will run from July 1 to 17, 2024. The media launch for this year’s event took place at Sandals Grande on Thursday.

The event was attended by various representatives from the key agencies, service providers, band leaders, artistes and many other mas’ enthusiasts.

DY PM Hilaire, who is also serving as a Minister of Tourism and Creative Industries is eagerly waiting for the carnival festivities to begin as it is a time when the people celebrate the series of events together.

The events will host a number of festivities including various competitions and pageants. The people across the nation will be given several opportunities to showcase their talent, creativity and skills by participating in competitions.

The primary stakeholders are filled with joy as Saint Lucia’s carnival is growing bigger and better with time. The organizers have counted a massive number of registrations into the respective bands for the carnival, which displayed the popularity of the event among local and global patrons.

If sources are to be believed, preparations for this year’s celebration have already started with full enthusiasm.

The festivities will attract a huge number of tourists or visitors in the island, which will directly boost the economic sector of the country and contribute in its overall development.

According to Tourism Minister Hilaire, the country has recorded an astounding figure of more than 18,000 tourists in the country during the carnival festivities in the last year, with July noted the highest stayover visitors for the year.

“This tells you how important the carnival is to our economic growth and economic development. It brings substantial income to our country”, deputy PM highlighted.

As tourism is the main source of income for small island countries, Hilaire focused on the continuous growth of the sector because the majority of people are earning their livelihood from it.

Such events spread the feeling of brotherhood and togetherness among the citizens. The people will also get an opportunity to experience the vibrant culture and rich heritage of Saint Lucia.

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