Dominica: Windsor Park Stadium gets new Electronic Scoreboards

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Dominica: New electronic scoreboard has been installed in the Windsor Park Stadium of Roseau, Dominica, on April 30, 2022 (Saturday). As per the Sports Division of the Ministry of Sports, the scoreboard will start operating in the upcoming few days.

“The new scoreboard has been installed at the Windsor Park Stadium is complete. The scoreboard will be powered and activated within the coming days,” the Sports Division stated.

The new scoreboard was installed in the Caribbean island country after the previous one was damaged due to a category-five Hurricane, which caused damage to more than half of the region, Hurricane Maria.

The cost of the project was nearly USD 1 million. The construction agreement was signed two years ago, but the installation was delayed because of the COVID-19 related restrictions implemented in the country because of the deadly virus.

“The close to $1 million dollar scoreboard was procured close to two years ago as a replacement for the previous scoreboard, which Hurricane Maria damaged. The installation of the electronic scoreboard was delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions,” the Division further informed.

The Stadium was constructed in the Commonwealth of Dominica in February 2007, but the Stadium was opened for the cricket matches on October 24 2007, with a grand ceremony. The first official activity held in the Stadium was the 11th Annual World Creole Music Festival (WCMF), held on October 25 – 27, 2022.

Windsor Park serves as the national Stadium for primarily for cricket matches. The Park Stadium also witnesses national events like – the World Creole Music Festival, the Finals of the Calypso Competition and the Miss Dominica pageant.

The Stadium comes under the International Cricket Council (ICC) and has been constructed according to the international cricket standards. The Stadium consists of 12,000 seats, private boxes, a media centre, practice nets, a players’ personality complex, digital scoreboards and five cricket pitches.

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