Dominica: Tourism Minister Denise Charles remembers Carnival 2023, shares glimpse
Dominica: Tourism Minister Denise Charles remembers Carnival 2023, shares glimpse
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Roseau, Dominica: Minister of Tourism, International Transport and Maritime Initiatives and the Parliamentary Representative of Soufriere Constituency – Denise Charles remembered the celebration of the Dominica Carnival 2023. She also shared some all-smile photographs of the Carnival, where people are enjoying the culture and heritage of Dominica.

Denise Charles shared a glimpse of the events organised during Carnival 2023. The social media post by the minister read, “Just last week, we celebrated a Carnival unlike any other in Dominica! Our Traditional Jouvert, T-shirt band, Costume band, Lapo Kabwit, Traditional Characters, and more paraded through Dominica’s streets!”

She further claimed that the attendees of the Carnival had a lot of fun, and the vibe created during was breath-taking and mesmerising. “Visitors and locals alike had the opportunity to experience our culture’s distinct colours, costumes, and festivities, which energised the streets,” she stated.

While concluding her message, she anticipated having a successful Carnival 2024. “As we reflect on the festivities, let us look forward to Carnival in 2024 in Dominica and continue to promote Dominica’s values and culture!” the social media post read.

The Carnival updates were regularly shared by the Ministry of Labour. At the same time, sharing the update and wishing congratulations to the new Miss Dominica Adicia Burton. “I’d also like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Miss Dominica 2023 Adicia Burton and Calypso King Trilla-G! May your reign be glorious and significant! Congratulations also to Dominica’s Carnival Shows contestants and participants! Your bravery was not unnoticed!” the social media post mentioned.

The ministry also shared some glimpses of the Carnival Tuesday and shared some outstanding pictures from the event. The post by the ministry mentioned, “Here’s your final taste of Carnival Tuesday in Dominica! The streets of Dominica came alive with music, dance, tradition, culture, costumes, and colourful displays in celebration of Mas An Lawi!”