Dominica: Parl Rep Melissa Skerrit wishes Dominicans a “Happy Sunday”

Dominica: Parl Rep Melissa Skerrit wishes Dominicans a “Happy Sunday”

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Roseau, Dominica: Parliamentary Representative of the Roseau Central Constituency and wife of Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, Melissa Poponne-Skerrit, shared a sweet post while wishing the people of Dominica ‘a very happy Sunday.’ She shared a post with her kids, doing farming and collecting veggies and fruits for Sunday breakfast.

Parliamentary Representative shared the post and expressed pride over her beautiful country and its fertile land. The social media post by Melissa Skerrit read, “Happy trees, happy hens and happy little farmers create a healthy harvest. Easy Sunday breakfast straight from the farm; we give God thanks for our beautiful country and fertile land. Happy Sunday to All.”

Earlier, Melissa Skerrit shared her joyful experience with the farmers of Dominica in utilizing the potato grow bags with proper ventilation and visualization windows. She shared how her day went with the farmers through a social media post and also shared a glimpse of the activity. According to the post by the minister, a few experienced farmers joined her in utilizing potato grow bags with specialized ventilation as well as visualization windows to see when the root crops of the farmers are ready for easy harvesting.

The post by Melissa Skerrit also informed that she, along with her team, explored vertical farming with hanging wall planters to grow a variety of herbs. “These are ideal farming techniques if you reside in the city, lack access to farmland, or you’re simply like me and looking for a quick, easy method while maintaining a fresh manicure,” the post outlined.

She further claimed that seedlings, organic fertilizer, and potato grow bags will be provided to interested farmers in Roseau Central Constituency. “Join me in growing tomatoes, carrots, peppers, herbs, potatoes, onions, flowers and much more in our city alleyways, porches and mini backyards,” she urged.

Through this post, Melissa Skerrit also asked the females of the constituency to join her in this fete.