Dominica: Renowned businessman, Phillip Nassief dies at 91, leaves behind profound legacy

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Roseau, Dominica: Phillip Nassief, an owner of the Dominica Coconut Products (DCP), Belfast Estate and the Fort Young Hotel passed away at the age of 91 in Mahaut, west of Dominica on Sunday, 28th April 2024. He has played a huge role in contributing to the growth and development of the nation through his tremendous and outstanding work.

Phillip graduated in 1956 and worked in Canada for five years. Following that, he returned back to his home and took over his father’s small business of rum and soap. He strived hard to enhance the business by improving the rum production process and expanding product offerings. 

He brought Soca Rums, Red Cap and Bois Bande which are considered the best rums in the island nation. After his tireless efforts, finally, in 1964, Dominica’s businessman, Phillip Nassief was able to buy a little-used coconut oil plant from Nevis and later complemented this with a modern soap plant from Italy. 

With all this, they incorporated coconut processing enterprises known as Dominica Coconut Products Ltd which can produce personal use soaps, laundry soaps, coconut oil and many more. 

In 1989, Phillip diversified his business and moved to hotels and tourism and acquired Fort Young Hotel. Today, it is considered as the island nation’s prominent, internationally acclaimed hotel. 

 His exceptional entrepreneurial journey is a testament to passion and his continuous efforts towards excellence are a source of motivation for the upcoming generation who aspires to become a businessman. In his journey of entrepreneurship, he has received several accolades which showcases his unwavering commitment and dedication towards his work. 

In 1997, Phillip Nassief claimed the highest honour of the island nation, the Dominica Award of Honor. He received this prestigious award for his significant contribution to the nation’s economic and social development. Meanwhile, he was named one of the Caribbean’s Leading Voices of the 20th Century by the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) in 2002. 

He has also served as a helping hand to several local citizens of Mahaut whom he has provided much-needed jobs. He also established a senior citizen’s home for charity purposes in order to provide shelter to the elder people of the village. His outstanding work has also benefitted the overall development of the nation as a whole. 

Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit extended condolences on his demise and stated “I am saddened by the passing of the distinguished Dominican businessman, Phillip Nassief.”

He also stated that Dominica’s businessman has left behind a profound legacy of visionary leadership, entrepreneurial spirit and community development. 

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