Dominica: Hydroponics systems to offer advanced training to local farmers

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Roseau, Dominica: Two hydroponics systems are installed at One Mile Agriculture Station in Dominica to encourage the use of Chinese Agriculture techniques in the nation. 

The systems were installed under the request of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries Blue and Green Economy. With the installations, the training sessions are to be held in the country will avail the updated teachings. The systems will be used as training grounds for farmers and students.

This is because the ministry is seeking to expand the technology on the farms around the island. This will increase vegetable production and support the need to provide consistent and quality supplies.

Importantly, the farmers and students were also trained in the installation of the hydroponics system as this will foster better training sessions, which are further  to be held in the nation,

Roland Royer, Agriculture minister of Dominica, also paid a visit to the site where installations were going. He went there last week to have a look at ongoing work.

Agriculture Minister at Hydroponics system installed site, credits to Agriculture ministry Facebook Page
Agriculture Minister at Hydroponics system installed site, credits to Agriculture ministry Facebook Page

Moving ahead, the technique, hydroponics is a water-based nutrient planting technique rather than a soil-based one, which is a vertical approach to farming. Considerably, on January 9, 2024, the Housing Minister, Melissa Skerrit, also announced to host the Urban Agriculture Training based on the Chinese agricultural Technical mission.

The installation is part of this mission, which aims to modernize the production systems on the Island.  

The date for the training has not yet been released, however one can register himself for the training at the Roseau Central Constituency Office or contact at 440-4042. And, the training is completely free of cost, is focused at availing the learnings about new techniques and strategies.

Such an action will also help generate employment opportunities in the country and will contribute to the future of farming in the country.

George Henry
George Henry
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