Dominica hosts thrilling inaugural free diving competition, drawing athletes from world

Dominica hosts thrilling inaugural free diving competition, drawing athletes from world

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Roseau, Dominica: The Ministry of Tourism of the Commonwealth of Dominica has expressed gratitude in announcing that the Deep Free Diving Competition was a success. The sporting event was held on June 21, 2023. This event or competition brought together athletes, swimmers and divers from all around the world.

The Tourism Ministry took it to social media and informed the general public, “Deep Dominica’s Inaugural Free Diving Competition began with a bang on Wednesday, June 21, 2023!”

As per the update shared by the local authorities of Dominica, as many as 51 individuals are present in the Commonwealth of Dominica to enjoy this thrilling competition. Out of the total participants, 40 are free divers, 20 are athletes, and 4 are judges.

Along with this, the remaining six members belong to the team responsible for the Safety of the participants and the smooth conducting of the event. Of these six, there is a doctor and a photographer who is an expert in underwater videography and photography.

The update by the Ministry of Tourism of Dominica has further claimed that the southwest of Dominica is buzzing with excitement not only for the much anticipated Dive Fest 2023 but the Free Diving Competition!

“We wish all of the divers the best of luck in their competitions! Be sure to enjoy your stay in #Dominica and participate in all the amazing activities set for Dive Fest 2023!” it added.

In addition to this, the Ministry of the Commonwealth of Dominica expressed thanks towards the organisations which covered the sporting event. “Photos courtesy of and @DeepDominica!” it stated.

In conclusion, it informed that the competition will resume on June 26, 2023 (Monday). “Competition Resumes Monday, June 26!” the Ministry of Tourism outlined.

It is worth noting that the government of the Commonwealth of Dominica, along with the Ministry of Tourism, has been adopting various initiatives. It is believed that such initiatives will provide a boost to the tourism sector of the nation and will also provide benefits to local citizens too.