List of Emergency Shelters in Dominica
List of Emergency Shelters in Dominica
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Roseau, Dominica: The Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica has shared the list of emergency shelters amid the threat of Tropical Storm Bret. As per the update by the government, these shelters are ready for the general public and can be utilized.

Tropical Storm Warning has been issued for the Commonwealth of Dominica as the TS Bret approaches the nation with high-intensity speed. It is predicted that the Lesser Antilles Region will receive strong winds and heavy rainfall beginning from Thursday.

Tropical Storm Bret will bring dangerous surf, gusty winds and brief tropical downpours to the Southern Lesser Antilles tomorrow, but that will likely be his last hurrah. Bret will encounter increasing wind shear upon entering the Caribbean Sea and will most likely dissipate by Saturday.

The government has divided the list of Emergency Shelters into Districts. The list also compromises the details of the Community, Emergency Shelter, Shelter Manager and Assistant Manager.

Southern District

Community Emergency Shelter Shelter Manager Assistant Manager
Grand Bay Pierre Charles Secondary School


Community Centre

Grand Bay Youth Centre

Grand Bay Seventh Day Adventist Church

Rodney Lockhart


Amour Thomas

Davidson Charles

Martha Bruno

Anthony Thomas and Reggie Henry

Cleo Leatham

Kerwin Jno Lewis

Alban Morris

Tete Morne Community Resource Centre Nickel Thomas Severin Charles
Bagatelle Primary School

Baptiste Church

Cybil Guiste

Pastor Elvis Francis


Anika Baron

Bellevue Chopin Primary School Verlin Maximae Dorsha Ryan


North Eastern District


Community Emergency Shelter Shelter Manager Assistant Manager
Marigot Council Building

Methodist Church

Church of Christ

Methodist Pre-School

WS Stevens Primary School

Claudia Alexander

Joan Joseph

Charles Corbette

Josea Joseph

Edmond Bonnie

Ausdell Prince

Keny Musgrave

Edithan Alexander

Arthur Telemacque

Vernella Moses

Concord Primary School Gabriella Seraphine Naomi Scotland
Wesley Resource Centre

Christian Union Church

SDA Church

Neva Reid

Laban Telemacque

Edney Benjamin

Braund Philip

Laban Telemacque

Andrew Shaw

Woodford Hill Baptiste Church

Primary School



SDA Church

Synde Moses Joseph

Shawn Thomas



Eversley Joseph

Julena Joseph

Clempton Telemacque and Burnharm Fontaine

Cumelle Thomas

Calibishie Resource Centre Glenda Jean Pierre Marcus Marcellin and

Martina Lawrence


South West District

Community Emergency Shelter Shelter Manager Assistant Manager
Pointe Michel Community Centre Dorell Edwards Octavia Graham
Soufriere Christian Union Church

Soufriere Village Council Building

Soufriere Primary School

Weeferly Jules

Melvin Abraham

Weefers Jules

Sherma Galloway

Anne Marie Delsol

Valina Jno. Lewis

Scotts Head Old Primary School Conrad Caesar Sonnyboy Bellot
Gallion House of Michael Gregoire

House of Primose Junkere

House of Laura Blanc

House of Delbert Mitchel

Michael Gregoire

Primose Junkere

Laura Blanc

Delbert Mitchel

Sonia Xavier
Giraudel Primary School Virginia Giraugel Ruth Dorival
Eggleston Eggleston Pavilion

Old Primary School

Jescinta Maronie

Shirley Alexander

Randy Alexander

Eileen Antoine

Morne Prosper Primary School

Quahal Yahwel Chruch

Karah Wilson

Decima Mysers

Rena Popo

Cecilia Christmas

Wotten Waven Primary School Jeffery Charles Rudolph George
Newtown Primary School Albert Dalrymple Shanarah Toussaint
Trafalgar Community Centre


Primary School

Eric Williams


Ronillia Williams

Miranda joseph and Gustaline Paul

Miranda Baptiste and Marcus Johnson

Laudat Old Government School Fabiana Moise Benette Moise
Loubiere Resource Centre Marvin Peltier Rosemund Lebruin and Esther James
Bath Estate Roseau Primary School Aaron Pacquette Reah Brumant


East District

Community Emergency Shelter Shelter Manager Assistant Manager
San Sauveur House of Valentine Stoute

Apartment Building

Valentine Stoute

Kelma Warrington

Felix Stoute

Georgegiana Laurent

Kalinago Territory





Crayfish River


Primary School

Resource Centre



Pre School


Marion Valmond

Peter Sanford

Calara Ferderick


Connie Williams


Ralph John

Alexis Valmond

Regina Valmond and Kent Ellick

Marilyn Bruney

Castle Bruce Castle Bruce Regional Shelter Sherlon James Athalie George

Amos Wiltshire

Ralph Austrie

Alibe Gasper

Samson Drigo

Malisha Matthew

Dipax/ Tranto Dipax Pilgram Holiness Church Pastor Vaghaun Vigilante  
Atkinson Resource Centre Nicome Laurent Kevin Laville


South West District

Community Emergency Shelter Shelter Manager Assistant Manager
Silver Lake Apartment Building Gloria Walsh

Marlene Nadine St Hilaire

Tamara Etienne
Goodwill Pentecostal Church

Primary School

John Fontaine

Charles Moses

Cassia Lewis

Christina Sobers

Fond Cole Community Centre Vena Roberts Imma Austrie
Tarish Pit Community/Resource Centre Miranda Esprit Elizabeth Esprit
Kings Hill Kingshill Baptiste Church Melvina Walsh Leslie Aaron Dalrymple
Cockrane Old Government School Ronaldson Piper Leathe Moses
Gutter James McDowell Community Centre June Sylvester Jessie Fountaine
Roseau Central Dominica Grammar School Vernetta Toussaint Peter Prosper

Hazel Edwards

Yam Piece Community Centre Debra Grell Goldie Williams
Stockfarm Dominica State College Sherman Boston Ann Marie Green
Pottersville Goodwill Parish Hall Ivenia Lander Jemma Elwin


South Eastern District

Community Emergency Shelter Shelter Manager Assistant Manager
Grand Fond Primary School

Basement of Apartment Building

Juanita Lawrence

Keith Lazare

Daniel Cuffy

Birdy Philip

Laplaine Jones Beaupierre Primary School Florence Stedman Jessinta Durand
Boetica Boetica Sewing House Neville Abraham Marlon Smith
Delices Primary School Pearline St Ville Etienne Joan Hilaire Guiste
Riviere Cyrique IBEX Building Curt Cuffy Leon Jno Baptiste
Morne Jaune Primary School Edwina Hypolite Kelan Cadette


West District

Community Emergency Shelter Shelter Manager Assistance Manager
Dublanc Seventh Day Adventist Church

Youth Centre

Henry Jerome

James George

Justin Deluge

Mc Morris Jean

Bioche Nazarene Chruch

Fisheries Complex

Stephanie Hilton

Philippa Daniel

Elvis Sabaroche

Sandra Alexis

Mahaut Gospel Tarbenacle/Emergency Crisis Lena Augustine Erickson Bertrand
Salisbury Baptiste Church (Downstairs)

Salisbury Gospel Hall

Primary School

Henry Langlais

Motley George

Patrickson Albert

Hilary Matthew

Samson Vidal

Rosette Jno Charles and Davis Shillingford

St Joseph Kaleb John Laurent Primary School

East Block 1

West Block


Roslyn Jno Baptiste

Ernest Louis


John Williams

Jean-Alex Alexandre

Layou Isaiah Thomas Secondary

Regional Shelter

Randy Charles

Lazare Charles

Conrad Shillingford

Binika Riviere

Warner Warner Primary School Cornelia Guiste Durand Arkeysha Valmond
Morne Rachette Community Resource Centre Joslyn Jno Baptiste Olivia Laudat
Belles Primary School Linda Augustine Andy Durand
Jimmit Jimmit Regional Shelter Carlvin Esprit Melisha Laudat and Dariella Polydore


North District

Community Emergency Shelter Shelter Manager Assistant Manager
Vielle Case Resource Centre Devin Didier Magdalene Victor and Sasha Irizarry
Gomier House of May Honore

House of Andrew Augustine

May Honore

Andrew Augustine

Bernadine Augustine




Secondary School

Community Centre

Capuchin Resource Centre

Primary School

Alitha Bannis

Solomon Jno Paul

Mavis Seaman

Simeon Vital

Vallie Paul


Marine Didier

Cottage Community Centre Elton Daniel Brenton Mason
Savanne Paille Primary School Caryl Baron Lucina Thomas
Penville (Upper)


Penville (Lower)

Primary School

SDA Church

Resource Centre

Lynthia Joseph

Julien Royer

Frances Alexis

Celia George

Edward Dubois

Christine Ettinne

Paix Bouche Beacon of Hope & Life

Floor Frmly Paix Bouche Baptiste Church

Primary School – Lower floor

Resource Centre


Clibe Honoure


Petrolina Lawrence

Jerome Lockhart


Scotten Ferrol


Junie Paul

Nola Paul Lockhart

Dos D’ane Primary School Benette Marcelle Esmarie Alexis and Lena Christian
Bense Primary School

Seventh Day Adventist Church

Resource Centre

Ettienne Joseph

Elizabeth Rolle Samuel

Cecile Joseph

Clitson Dodds

Janillia Gallaway


Anse Sol Dat House of Justinpher Charles Justinpher Charles Lawrence Charles