Tropical Strom Bret forms at Atlantic, Dominica Govt shares advisory
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Roseau, Dominica: The Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica has issued advisory measures for the general public of Dominica as the threat of Tropical Storm Bret looms.

The government has noted that the Central Atlantic region has been witnessing the formation of Tropical Storm Bret, which is expected to make landfall in the Lesser Antilles.

The Dominican authorities, after reviewing the situation of the Tropical Strom, along with the Meteorological Department, have notified the public that the wind speed of Bret was around 21 mph (miles per hour) as of 5 pm AST.

While sharing the advisory, the government noted, “As of 5:00 pm AST Mon Jun 19, the centre of Bret was located near 11.3, -42.2 with movement West at 21 mph. The minimum central pressure was 1008 mb with maximum sustained winds of about 40 mph.”

Following this, the authorities have asked the general public to be cautious and attentive as the threat of the Strom prevails. The government mentioned that Dominicans are being encouraged to take all necessary precautions as Tropical Storm Bret has formed in the Central Atlantic.

As per the latest update shared, “Tropical Storm Bret is moving towards the west near 21mph and this motion is expected to continue for the next several days. The system should be approaching the Lesser Antilles late this week, according to the forecast track.”

It further stated that the speed of the winds is increasing with the increasing time and this strengthening can result in the formation of Hurricane Bret.

“Some strengthening is forecasted and there is a strong possibility that Tropical Depression 3 will become a hurricane in a few days,” the social media update by the government of Dominica read.

The government has also informed the general public about the Emergency Shelters, which are all ready to be used if any kind of threat prevails. Furthermore, the residents and citizens of the Commonwealth of Dominica have been asked to keep all the necessary items in hand.